Hello from exciting New York City this week! We’ve been traveling for almost 2 weeks now – from Colorado to Los Angeles to Maryland and now to New York. This is an energetic place, almost TOO energetic for some people! We’re here for Baeth Davis’ Claim Your Spotlight Program and I’ll be presenting my signature talk to be recorded so look for some new YouTube videos to be posted. We’ll let you know where to find them soon.

Have you felt the eclipse this past week? Eclipse number 2 for this string of 3 has moved us along on our path to expanded consciousness. And Saturn has turned direct [meaning its apparent motion when viewed from Earth is now looking like forward motion instead of backward] so we should be able to move forward with our re-structuring projects and manifesting new ideas into physical reality. Breathe a sigh of relief and march on with those new projects!

Since this week’s Mystic Message is about Life Purpose you might want to consider scheduling a coaching session to have your Life Purpose revealed and to look at ways to make that manifest. Remember that you can still get a free session if you refer someone new to me who completes a paid session [they must email before June 30th to schedule their appointment].

If you are interested in getting the message of your Life School and Life Lesson from your unique handprints, contact me about scheduling a Scientific Hand Analysis session.

We’re headed back to Colorado on the 20th. It’s been so nice being at sea level, on both coasts – there’s actually OXYGEN in the air down here! Have a wonder-filled week!




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