Step Into Your Bodacious Dream! – Richard’s Commentary

How big are your dreams? Would you call them, even one of them, “bodacious”?

One way to get at this question is to look back over your life and take a look at former dreams and how they turned out. In her article yesterday, Rosemary gives us a good example of this with her dream to be part of NASA and then making it to that dream job working on the fantastic science produced by the Hubble Space Telescope. She dreamed big and her dream came true.

And also notice that once that dream was reached Rosemary dreamed another dream.

There is no end to the dreaming. Each dream we activate and reach takes us to a higher level where the dreaming can become even more bodacious. We all are being called to step up! Here’s how Rosemary puts that:

This is a time for each individual to show up for their Soul Purpose and LIVE BIG! The Planet and the rest of us need for you to show up in your Purpose. Even if it is scary, Dream Big.

Step up, step out and move into flow with the you the Universe has called to. Again, Rosemary used her story as an example. From the Hubble project she responded to the call to be a “spiritual healer.” At the time she wasn’t even sure what that meant! But she did feel that the Universe was calling for her to step up. And she did. It was not easy. It was scary at times! (Scary for both of us, in fact!) But there is no looking back; and there is no questioning – not for the bodacious dreams!

Examine your life. Look back on the dreams accomplished. Feel good about your progress, but not complacent. Are you living your purpose?

I recently had a scan done for me by a medical intuitive. I got some really mixed results! The bad news is I am dealing with some pretty serious internal inflammation in my body. The good news is I can treat this with diet (more on that in a moment). The best news is I scored really well in the “Life in Balance and Coherence” categories (10/10 and 100%!). What she said about this is: “you are in alignment with ‘God’s Will’ – you are on your true spiritual path. This is rare.”

Wow! I’m still digesting this result. Of course I have to make major adjustments to my diet, eating more like a “cave man.” I have to reduce my food intake to pretty much an animal protein-based plan with some vegetables allowed. And here I’ve been working strongly toward a vegetarian diet! So much for that dream!

But on those Balance and Coherence measures here’s what I think she is picking up: I do have a bodacious dream, as I’ve mentioned before in these posts, to go to Ladakh, India for the Kalachakra Initiation offered by His Holiness The Dalai Lama this year. And I am working diligently on this dream at many levels. I feel very good about this, that it is in alignment with my spiritual path and congruent with my purpose. I am very pleased that it is “out there” to be recognized!

So here’s the other thing about those bodacious dreams: they need to be declared! And then the Universe responds by saying “yes, and now we will make everything align to support your dream!”

Dreams don’t come from nothing. And they definitely aren’t fulfilled without effort. As Rosemary concludes: when you have created your Bodacious Big Dream, step into it. Create the vision, feel the excitement, step into it and, in the words of Captain Picard, ‘Make it so!’



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