MUSE-INGS: “The Muse Speaks” by Rosemary Bredeson

‘I do everything the voices in my head tell me to do’ reads the tee shirt.  Or the husband wears the one with ‘I do everything the voices in my wife’s head tell her to tell me to do.’

We joke about hearing a voice so much that we label as insane anyone who says they hear a voice.  But why is that so bad?  Granted, there are some people who are not able to distinguish between their life and a myriad of voices that they hear and they do have a struggle with sanity.  But sane people can be connected with other voices and can learn from the guidance available.

I have a friend who suffered from Meniere’s Disease and had pain and ringing in her ears.  It lasted for 7 years until she agreed that she would channel the guidance coming from a Muse named ‘Rose.’  The disease went away when she started sharing the messages she was receiving.  She is sane and has been very helpful to a lot of people since that day.

My granddaughter used to give people messages from their power animals when she was 5-6 years old.  She was hearing what the animals wanted the person to know that day.  She is now a happy, healthy teenager who wants to be a veterinarian.

I could list a lot of people who have heard voices.  Have you ever felt a voice inside that seems to be saying, ‘Call your friend’?  And when you do, your friend says, ‘I was just thinking about you’?  We’ve all had this experience.

When faced with issues in our lives we often focus on the ‘Woe is me!’ thought instead of asking for and listening to guidance.  And when faced with the proverbial blank page at the start of a creative project, who hasn’t wished they had The Muse standing in the room with them to drop the ideas into their head?

Often when I work with clients, especially in the Mystic Transformation Days where we spend a whole day together delving into developing their roadmap through the next steps for them, the messages come through with new possibilities, new ways to view what is going on, new insights and tools and directions to follow.  In that way, I can act as a Muse, an inspiration, reaching beyond the problems into other dimensions where the solutions dwell.

Anyone who is willing can learn to reach into those solution spaces by allowing their thoughts to drift into ‘What if?’ territory.  Staring at a blank page of paper doesn’t necessarily bring ideas with which to fill the paper, but relaxing one’s vision as one looks at the paper can allow an image to emerge that calls the person to become a scribe for The Muse.

It is said that many geniuses took naps to find solutions to their problems.  This allows the person to get out of their own way and to allow creative ideas to emerge.  Contact your Muse while you sleep.  Incubate the dream of your solution or the germ of your creative idea by simply asking, before you sleep, for your Muse to inspire you [and to help you remember the dream!].

Try living your life this week in the ‘What if?’ mode and see what possibilities your Muse shows you!  And, if you get stuck, I’m happy to be Your Muse!


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