“Be still as a pond and allow the Light to be reflected on your surface as a calming presence in your world.”

Greetings and a big welcome to those who are newly joining RosemarySpace!

The Inspiration Video I’ll post here in a few days was recorded while we were in Puerto Rico with our coaching program and we had an amazing week on that beautiful island! I had intended to get this MoonLetter out on Friday, November 13 but the events in Paris eclipsed working on it.

The New Moon occurred on Wednesday, November 11 at 12:47 pm Eastern Standard Time. The effect of a New Moon is felt for 3 days before the day and for 3 days after it is exact, so we had a full week of the effect, including during the events of November 13.

I found this information about the energies of this New Moon in The Mountain Astrologer Magazine: “This NewMoon in Scorpio reveals where we are shedding an old skin in order to grow, and how light, love, and truth always dispel the darkness… the New Moon at 19° Scorpio emphasizes the importance of consciously attuning to and sharing uplifting information, rather than mindlessly repeating thoughts or ideas that foster fear and disempowerment.”

Obviously this magazine was prepared and published way before the events in Paris but let us take the message to heart and focus on looking at our own shadows so that we can clear them and radiate the Light that we really are.

One way to examine the shadow is to get a Meta*Physical Checkup. There are still some spaces available in the Meta*Physical Checkup Workshop in Annapolis on Saturday, November 21. I would love to have you join us so you can learn to balance your four bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. And it will be fun! Go here for the details and to register to join us: LINK

Are you familiar with Crystal Skulls? I used to think they were kind of creepy but in the last year or so I have connected with some interesting people who have shown me that they represent consciousness that can help humanity to evolve. I now have two and think that, as they are a part of the Crystal Kingdom, there is an energetic connection to Earth Wisdom that meditation with them can facilitate.

If you are interested and own a Crystal Skull or any kind of crystal, then join a worldwide group meditation on Sunday, November 22 at 1:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Imagine what 15 minutes of meditation on peace can do for the world when people around the globe join in that intention. And don’t we really need it now? Join the Crystal Skull World Day Meditation for Peace from the comfort of your home for 15 minutes. Let’s see if we can create the very Peace that we seek.

The upcoming Full Moon occurs on Wednesday, November 25, the day before Thanksgiving in the US. If you are traveling, remember that everyone will be a bit distracted so be careful!

The Sun moves into the sign of Sagittarius on Sunday, November 22 so we’ll move out of the Scorpio intensity and into a focus on adventure and learning. Be ready.

November 19  Leading: The Master HeartMind Program Q&A

November 21   Leading:  Your Meta*Physical Checkup Workshop, AnnapolisLINK

November 24  Leading: The Oracle Speaks LINK

December 2   Leading: Spiritual Exploration Group LINK

December 8  Leading: The Oracle Speaks LINK

December 10  Leading: The Master HeartMind Program Session

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supernova glareHappy Thanksgiving! This is the week in the US where our thoughts turn to Gratitude, at least for one day, and we look around us at the number of blessings for which we feel grateful.

Thank you for being a part of RosemarySpace! I am full of gratitude for you and look forward to sharing time with you as we move forward in our personal and group evolutionary processes.

If you saw last week’s MuseLetter or post here last Tuesday, you saw the video with our grandson, Tristan. I am grateful for my wonderful family. We enjoy being together and get together as often as we can. This is one of the reasons I am so happy to be back in Maryland where most of the family lives. It’s just FUN!

My gratitude list is too long to write everything here, but I wanted to start you thinking about what you have in your life that you are grateful for. You will probably get a lot of emails this week whose theme is ‘gratitude.’ The only one that is important is the one that you write from your heart to yourself, letting you become aware of all that you have in your life for which you can express gratitude.

Thank the Sun for coming up. Be thankful that you can receive this blog post and all those other uncensored emails. Find something each day for which you are thankful. It’s a good practice.

And if you are in Maryland consider joining us for The Possibilities Playshop on December 13 so that you can explore more possibilities to manifest in the coming months. All the details are here and spaces are filling fast (we like to keep the Playshop intimate and so limit the number who can attend). Be sure to take advantage of the Early Bird Discounted investment! Details and Registration

There was a New Moon in Sagittarius on Saturday, November 22 at 7:32 am Eastern Standard Time (EST). New Moons, when the Sun and the Moon are together in the sky, at the same degree in a sign, indicate the start of a new cycle and this one is at the start of the sign, Sagittarius (in the first degree, for you astrology students).

According to The Mountain Astrologer magazine, ‘Sagittarius is the sign most associated with discovering the meaning of life and our role in it.’ Are you ready to begin a new cycle of living your purpose? Can you commit to evolving your consciousness and shining your light more brightly?

What have you learned over the Summer and Fall that you are now ready to put into action? This is your call: Clear the blocks and limiting beliefs. Get the personal work moving along. Know your purpose and commit to it.

If you’ve been meaning to schedule a private session to get this work going, or just to check your progress, then now is the time to take advantage of the special offer that closes down at the end of the year. You can have a half-hour reading with me to get some guidance for planning for 2015 and to see where you are in your process.

I will not be offering half-hour sessions again so, if you would like to invest in a ‘check-in’ session before the end of the year, please send me an email at I still have some slots open.This is the best holiday gift you can give yourself! Get ready for 2015!

Where’s Rosemary?


December 5-7Practice Building Breakthrough, Los Angeles. In addition to attending the seminar, we’ll get another dose of Tristan while we’re there! Woo Hoo! (Plus we see our friend and hairdresser in Santa Monica – a long way to go for a haircut, I know!)

December 11The Oracle Speaks – last one before the start of 2015! Join us for the message where we tune into the energies and guidance for the coming year. Details and Registration

December 12I AM: A Celebration of Life with Dale Allen Hoffman and Bob Sima. This is an ACT (A Community of Transformation) event in Annapolis. Please join us! Info at:

December 13Possibilities Playshop – Plan for 2015 and have a lot of fun creating your own Playbook! And if you join us for The Oracle Speaks on December 11, you’ll know from The Divine Feminine the energies you’ll be working with in the coming ‘moonths.’ (We already have some fun people registered so you’ll be in good company!) 10:00 am – 2:00 pm EST. Details and Registration

Happy Gratitude Day!


circumstellar disks-1Hope you had a happy Full Moon Friday the 13th! Wow, what a day! The Full Moon in Sagittarius was exact at 12:11 am Eastern Time on Friday, June 13. This is the time when the Moon is directly opposite to the Sun and we are invited to release anything that no longer serves our highest good. This year has been a time to ask the hard questions and really commit to our spiritual path, to doing our inner work. This Full Moon occurred during the Mercury Retrograde (remember, this is when the Planet Mercury appears to move backwards when we Earthlings view its path) and that means that communications can get a bit garbled. During this Full Moon period, make sure that you are being honest with yourself, and look back over the last six months to assess your progress. Release anything that is holding you back!

And it was Friday the 13th! I’ve always liked these days, though, and don’t believe they are unlucky. How about you? We had a good Friday here!

We have to make our own luck in the world by looking at possibilities and choosing to pursue them. The best way you can explore your opportunities is to join us on Saturday, June 21 in Severna Park, Maryland for the Possibilities Playshop! You’ll be meeting your guides, clearing some blocks, creating your personal Playbook for the coming moon cycles and having a bunch of fun. The details are here: Playshop Link and I hope you can be here so that you can create your very own Playbook to support you through your journey. And did I mention that we’ll have FUN?!!!

The year is almost half over. How is 2014 for you? Is there something you’d like to change that you haven’t? The Summer Solstice is the perfect time to reassess your progress and your path. Do some self-reflecting. Are you hiding? Have you fully committed to your Purpose? What do you need to do?

Summer is here, at least here in Maryland and the Northern Hemisphere. More Sun, more Light. Be the bright Light in the world that I know you are.

Possibilities are in you and all around you. No hiding out! Explore!


We have scheduled some fun events leading up to the “big holidays” this month. Please join me when you can take some time from your busy schedule! And enjoy the New Moon time today; it’s at 7:22 PM Eastern time at 11 degrees Sagittarius.

***A Conversation with The Other Side***
Friday, December 6, 2013, Severna Park, MD and online via Video Conference

I am hosting a Conversation both in-person and online the first Friday in December. If you want a message from a loved one, an angel, a spirit guide, this is a great way to hear it!

Get Details and Register Here

Saturday Evening, December 7, 7:00 pm, Severna Park, MD

Rosemary and Richard are hosting a Spiritual Celebration in their home, beginning the First Saturday in November. Come join with us as we create ritual space, offer teachings and celebrate life! Bring a snack to share.

We’ll be at 503 Evergreen Road, Severna Park, MD 21146. Email your interest by responding to this Ezine!

Learn more here

***ACT’s Annual Holiday Party*** 
Sunday, December 8, 2:00 to 5:00 pm, Crownsville, MD

Join us at this wonderful annual event with our community, ACT. Entertainment, Food and Fun! It is always a joyous way to celebrate the holidays. Bring a dish to share and a donation of $5.

Details and Directions

***Satsang with Rosemary*** 
Saturday Evening, December 21, at 7:00 pm in Severna Park, MD and online via Video Conference

Rosemary is continuing a new series of teaching and channeling experiences for everyone! If you have spiritual questions, if you want to hear messages from other dimensions, if you are curious about life beyond this physical, three-dimensional world, join us for a unique experience! This is an interactive gathering; come with your questions. Rosemary will teach and channel for part of the time and answer your questions at the end of the evening.

We’ll be at 503 Evergreen Road, Severna Park, MD 21146 and online via Video Conference or phone.

Here are the Details

I hope you can join me, either in person or online, at an event very soon!


Ison-NovemberIt’s time to talk turkey! Here in the US, that means getting serious, but we’re also preparing to celebrate the US holiday of Thanksgiving. The usual question is, ‘What are you grateful for today?’ But I challenge you to answer this: ‘To whom are you going to express gratitude today?’

A friend asked on facebook for holiday traditions to share with the family and here’s one of ours that was memorable:

One of our favorite holiday moments was when we shared a Gratitude Ball. I started with a movie we could all watch together and wrapped it. Then added a little gift like a pen or keychain or game and wrapped that. Then kept adding layers of little things until we had many layers. One New Year’s Eve when kids all had plans to go out we passed around the Gratitude Ball each saying something for which we were grateful. Each person got to unwrap a layer before passing the Ball along. Things went very deep and meaningful rapidly. At the end they all decided to stay home and watch the movie instead of going out. Most memorable New Year’s Eve ever!

As we face the holidays, some people are really excited and some are filled with dread. This year, CHOOSE your holiday mood and bring everything into alignment with it!

This week Hanukah begins and we celebrate Thanksgiving. Christmas is in all the stores. And it’s time to start thinking about the New Year. Who will you BE in 2014?

I’m already working with my clients on defining their themes for the next year. We have some fun new exercises to get the unconscious mind on board with the client’s desires and goals. Are you ready to make 2014 your BEST YEAR YET? Let’s spend a little time together soon to get your blocks cleared now so that you can start the year moving forward! Give yourself the gift of investing in your own future and you will gift everyone around you with a happier, more confident YOU! [Of course, you can always give the gift of a Gift Certificate to them for a Reading with Rosemary!] Send me an email and we can schedule your time to prepare for a Fabulous 2014!

December starts SOON so put your self care on the calendar now! Check out the events at the website so you can join us and give yourself a break from frantic activity. The guidance that is shared at the Conversation with The Other Side and at Satsang has been amazing! I hope you can join these events, both available in person and via videoconference, in December. You’ll want to hear the special teachings for the end of the year. For details:

Remember that the Sun is in Sagittarius, the Archer, now so aim for Freedom and Expansion! And the color for Sag is my favorite – Purple!!!

I am grateful for all of you who are reading the MuseLetter! And remember that we will be giving you a special bonus for signing up with our new technology service soon. Stay tuned! 

P.S. This picture is the Comet ISON which comes closest to the Sun on Thanksgiving Day, November 28. We don’t know if it will survive its trip around the Sun. The mystery continues…