deep fieldAre you ready for another Mercury Retrograde? It started Saturday, June 7 and a lot of people are feeling its impact early. When a planet is said to be ‘retrograde,’ it means that it appears, when viewed from Earth, as if it is moving backwards in the heavens. Mercury is the Planet of Communication, like the god Mercury of the winged feet. So when communications are impacted in a backward way, they can get all kerfuffled! (Do you like that word? Microsoft Word doesn’t but I think it describes the situation perfectly!)

Please be careful about contracts, agreements, emails, and conversations when Mercury is retrograde. Review everything. This is also a good time to retreat, to go inside and do some inner work, engage in deep communication with the Self. Personal growth work is highlighted during Mercury Retrograde periods.

And so I am extending the Spring Special for a reading if you have some questions about blocks or stuck places in your life. The investment is only $150 to have a conversation and to get you moving through those blocks. Send me an email if you’d like to schedule a chat:

Coming up next week we have a Full Moon on Friday, the 13th! During the Mercury Retrograde. Be careful to drive defensively next week!

NEW DATE FOR THE POSSIBILITIES PLAYSHOP! By popular demand, we moved this to the following SATURDAY, JUNE 21 so that more people could attend and to combine the Playshop with a celebration of the Summer Solstice. If you couldn’t attend on the previous date but can now, we’d love to have you join us in Severna Park! Here are the details (and we’ve extended the Early Bird Investment to June 14th): Details and Registration Come and have fun as you connect with your guidance for the coming ‘moonths’ – plus I’ve developed some new tools that I will be GIFTING to attendees! Join us on the 21st and celebrate Summer!

Have a week of personal growth and special insights!


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