Sun DemiseHappy Valentine’s Day! May you be your own best Valentine today and LOVE YOURSELF UNCONDITIONALLY!

Today is also a Full Moon Day so watch out for Luna’s influence on drivers and tides. This is the time to let go of anything that is draining your energy or time or that is holding you back from expressing your magnificence. (And I do believe that you are magnificent!) As we get ready for Spring, and those of us in the East are looking at huge snowfall amounts enjoying the flakes while simultaneously ready for the crocuses to bloom, it’s time to get your energy space ready for the new growth of Springtime in your life. So clear those negative thoughts out of the way, get rid of limiting beliefs, finish those projects, throw away any ‘stuff’ that isn’t beautiful, meaningful, helpful or that doesn’t bring you joy. Moon energy at the time of the Full Moon is very useful in supporting this ‘getting rid of’ process!

And remember that Mercury is Retrograde, appearing to move backward, so a lot of communication-related things get messed up. Re-read your emails before you hit ‘send.’ Re-re-read contracts before you sign them. Re-view your plans and re-vise. And re-member that other folks are distracted so drive defensively!

I’m so excited about how well-received the Possibilities Playshop 2014 has been! I’m using my Playbook and have been fascinated by the synchronicities that are appearing. For example, my picture for the first ‘moonth’ is an eagle. A week after I created my playbook I was at a wonderful crystal meditation event and an eagle appeared to me and gave me a message. It wasn’t until I was getting ready to write it in my Playbook that I got the connection to the Eagle Energy this month! There’s a lot more that I can share, just from my Playbook, but I’ll save some of the stories for later. It’s been helpful to see how the themes are playing out in each ‘moonth,’ the time between New Moons. You can still get the recording of the January Playshop and create your own < strong>Playbook. I’m thinking I’ll offer it again mid-year for the Summer Solstice, rather than waiting until the next Lunar New Year. Let me know if you’d like to join us and I’ll put you on the list to receive advance notice.

SPECIAL HEALING SESSIONS: My guides for 2014 have asked me to offer a limited number of Advanced Healing Sessions in the coming days. I have opened up some slots for these sessions and they are unlike my usual mentoring work. In these sessions I will be working with healers on The Other Side to clear blocks, remove stuck energies, bring in connections to guidance and creativity, and generally move you to a new level of Consciousness, free to advance your mission on Planet Earth. These are powerful healing sessions and I invite you to consider if you are ready to let go of what is holding you back and take a quantum leap forward. Are you tired of feeling stuck? Are you seeking support in taking that next step? These Advanced Healing Sessions will be available in person in Maryland and also to those of you at a distance. The first part of the session is my working with the healers in your energy field and then we will discuss what you need and I will connect you to your own guidance. This is very powerful work but I have been led to offer this because some of you are ready and this is just the healing work that you have been waiting for.

You will not see these Advanced Healing Sessions offered on the website or to the public but the people who need these are currently in or near to those in RosemarySpace. If you feel that you are one of the ones the guides are calling for healing, or your friend or family member is one, then please send me an email so that we can discuss this further. I do hope that, if you feel this is for you, you will claim your spot soon! I have been told to limit the number so I do want you to be sure to get on the calendar. I look forward to sharing this important healing energy with you!

Enjoy the weather wherever you are! For those of us in the snow, it’s time to stay warm and remember to feed the birds!


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