Crab-NebHow do you like this galloping Horse Year energy? We’re still in the growing cycle of the New Moon of the Lunar New Year and it seems as if everyone is feeling this energetic push to move forward. Can you feel it?

Of course, I have to warn you that Mercury is Retrograde until February 27 so, while it appears to us on Earth as if the Planet Mercury is moving backward in the sky, there is a lot of ‘re-doing’ here on Earth when Mercury is Retrograde. Pay strict attention to details and re-read everything – emails, contracts, letters, etc. But this is also a great time to do some inner work and explore your inner self. Think about gifting yourself with a connection to the wisdom in other dimensions. Together we can explore the possibilities for you, especially if you are stuck about your Big Dream and your Next Step. Send me an email to explore!

There is no New Moon in February this year! So this really is a time to go inside and explore. It’s also a good time to let go of what is holding you back. Get ready for the Full Moon on Valentine’s Day, and its appropriate message is to let your Heart show you the way.

So find your Heart’s Desire! Talk about it with a trusted confidante. Invite them to share theirs, too, and support each other in manifesting your Big Dream.

The Possibilities Playshop 2014 was a good way to get started on this. I am using my Playbook and continue to add insights and thoughts as I use it to work with the Moon Cycles this year. I’m thinking that maybe we don’t have to wait until next year for the next one. If there’s enough interest I might offer one in the middle of the year to start with the following New Moon. In the meantime, we still have the recording of this year’s (and some helpful bonuses) available to help you get working with that Horse energy and manifest the Possibilities this year holds for you. Check it out here

We’re in for more winter here in Maryland so I’m trying not to say things like ‘Stay warm’ but, ‘Stay warm!’ Some folks in the region have experienced a power outage during this cold weather. That reminds us that there are some people who never have heat when it’s cold. Let’s be grateful for the shelter that we have this season, whether it’s the cold here or the heat Down Under. Gratitude is always in style.

Until Valentine’s Day! Let every heart image that you see this week remind you to Love Yourself and Live Your Big Dream!


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