M106Hang in there – Mercury is only retrograde for another week!!!

We are in the midst of a Mercury retrograde period, that legendary time when Planet Mercury looks as if it is traveling backwards when viewed from Earth. Since Mercury rules communication, we often see garbled messages, email and computer problems, and mistakes in documents. (This is not a good time to sign contracts so, if you must, look them over several times! Pay attention to details.) This happens about 3 times a year and each period lasts about 3 weeks. Mercury shifts directions (‘goes direct’ in astrology-speak) at 9:00 am Eastern Time on Friday, February 28. We’ve noticed (computer and email glitches here), have you?

We’ve shipped out the DVDs from the Possibilities Playshop to those of you who ordered them. It’s been great fun to use our Playbooks as journals tracking the Moon Cycle. And the synchronicity between pictures we pasted in our Playbooks and events/messages – Wow! There is still time if you’d like to create your own Playbook and enjoy the exercises from the Playshop. Check out the Playshop tab at

After all the snow we’re getting temperatures up to about 60 for a couple of days! The birds are enjoying the bird feeder, when the squirrels let them eat, and the sounds of Spring start calling to me. Ready to plant a garden but there’s still snow on it! Are you done with Winter where you live? And don’t you just love seeing your Australian friends posting pictures of themselves in their bathing suits at the beach? It will be our turn soon!

I’m carving time in my schedule to get the book done. Had a great coaching session with a mentor in Australia who gave me some tips on it and I’m fired up now. (Yes, every coach/mentor needs their own coach/mentor to keep them in ‘thrive mode.’) If you don’t see much of me in the next couple of months, it’s because I’m being an Author! What do YOU want to create? JUST DO IT! And I’m always happy to mentor you with guidance from many dimensions when you are ready to move forward! Thrive! Express your purpose. Clear away those blocks. Get energetically ready to Spring Forward soon! If you’re ready to THRIVE send me an email so we can get you moving forward!

Happy Birthday, George Washington! (On February 22, many Americans have cherry pie to celebrate the birthday of our first President, who is rumored to have chopped down a cherry tree and then admitted to the deed because he ‘cannot tell a lie.’)


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