Our newest family Leo, Tristan

Our last days for the Sun to be in Leo! This is our birthday sign (Richard & I are Leos) so we continue to celebrate. I hope you do that for yourself, too. Don’t confine your celebration of your birthday to just one day! How about the whole time the Sun is in your sign? Or the whole month? Our family has a lot of Leos, including the newest member who was born 3 ½ weeks early so he (our latest grandbaby) could be a Leo, too. (Here’s his most recent picture!)

Did you ever wonder about babies who are preemies or late ones? How about the ones where Mom labors for days before delivery? My mom was in labor for 3 days before I was born and, in my natal astrological chart, my Moon is at 0 degrees Cancer – I was waiting to have a Cancer Moon! My granddaughter did the same thing to her mother, although labor only went into the second day. There’s something that the soul knows about this lifetime that is reflected in the astrological configuration of the Solar System at the time of one’s birth. The new astrology teaches about the lessons to be learned and the resources to learn those lessons as they are shown in the chart. It is a fascinating way to learn about yourself.

And Scientific Hand Analysis teaches that your handprints give you a lot of information about how you process data, how you relate heart and mind, what your Life Purpose is, where your Blind Spot is, and a whole lot more.

I would love to help you learn about yourself and show you how many tools you can use to help you to Live Your Richest Life!

The place to start is to come to the Possibilities Playshop in Severna Park, Maryland on Saturday, September 20th, meet your Guide(s), create your Playbook, and get ready for the coming ‘moonths’ where you will learn to relate the cycles of the Moon to what is happening in your life.

These Playshops are great fun and some wonderful people gather around the table to play at them. We limit the number of attendees so that it can be an intimate, in-person experience here in Severna Park. I hope you’ll join us as we shift into Autumn – come play with us on September 20! Here are the details: Playshop Link Register early to take advantage of the Early Bird Investment level!

If you can’t share the Playshop with us in Severna Park this time, then tune in for The Oracle Speaks on Wednesday, August 27 and learn what The Divine Feminine have to share with us about the energies of this time. I will be channeling a general message and then attendees can ask questions, both general and personal.We’ve been getting some amazing information at these events so I encourage you to be live with us: in person in Maryland, online via videoconference, or by telephone. I don’t know what we will learn but it will be relevant and important! Here’s how to register: Oracle Speaks Link

Remember that self-knowledge improves all your relationships. Focus some attention on delving more deeply into who you really are. And working on yourself is working on your relationships, your business, your finances and your life!

Have a great week of discovery!


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