Happy Full Moon in Aquarius! And happy Sun in Leo!

Today’s NASA picture from the New Horizons Spacecraft is Pluto with “his” Full Moon, Charon.

Golden Days

Lammas is upon us.
Dog Star rises in the East,
Full Moon sets in the West.
Awaken now to Golden Days!

Harvest is upon us.
The fullness of summer
Yields ripeness to the scythe.
Awaken now to Golden Days!

Cross-quarter is upon us.
Solstice to Equinox half-way through.
Long days begin to yield at last.
Forget not now these Golden Days!

Autumn is fast upon us.
Falling leaves remind the time.
Cycles within cycles ticking past.
Forget not now these Golden Days!

©2015 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.


Happy Birthday to me! And to Richard! And to Tristan!

This is a big weekend for celebrating Leo birthdays in our family. We will have our whole family together to celebrate in Maryland. Exciting times!

And the Full Moon was yesterday, Friday, July 31, 2015 at 6:42 am Eastern Daylight Time. This is a time when the Moon in the sign of Aquarius is directly opposite the Sun in Leo. This Sun brings up our personal creativity and the Moon couples that with the Aquarius energy of collaboration for the good of all humanity.

What can you create that benefits others? This time of creativity is to remind us that we are all One, not separate but interdependent members of this tribe called ‘humanity.’

When the Moon is Full it is reflecting the most Sunlight that it can. How can you shine your inner light more brightly into the outer world? Are you living your purpose, your mission, your gifts?

This is also the time to release what is holding you back from Living Your Richest Life™. Where are the blocks, the doubts, the fears keeping you from your joy? What are the possibilities that you cannot see because something is clouding your view?

Because it’s MY BIRTHDAY this weekend, I am making a special offer to you! If you would like to get some personal guidance about your purpose, your blocks, where your next step will take you, I would love to support you. Schedule a READING WITH ROSEMARY for only $150. My clients work with me for months to connect to the possibilities that they don’t know they don’t know so I don’t usually offer a one-time session. But my guidance is to offer this to the first 10 members of RosemarySpace who claim one of these readings. Are you ready to learn more about your next step? We’ll meet via videoconference (because I would love to see your smile!) or telephone and you will get a lot of valuable wisdom to help you to move forward in business, relationships, life. Here’s how to claim your reading today: Claim Link

The planets are lining up in the next few days to support you in reassessing where you are and what the possibilities are for your future. Are you willing to figure out the fears that hold you back and to take that leap forward that you have been waiting to take? Now is the time!

Once in a ‘Blue Moon’ you get this opportunity – this is the month with a Blue Moon and today is the day! (A Blue Moon happens when there is a second Full Moon in one calendar month. The first one in July happened on July 1.) The theme of this Blue Moon is ‘how the power of individual intention and the force of collective consciousness combine to create our reality’ – from The Mountain Astrologer. Get your intention lined up with your purpose so you can shine your Light in the world and create the reality you desire!

The Leo New Moon is coming on August 14 at 10:53 am Eastern Daylight Time. Get clear about your intentions before then by clearing what is in the way. You don’t want to carry any old energies with you into the generous energy of newness at the next New Moon!

Until then.




NCG1309We’re back home in Maryland – hurray! It was a wonderful road trip to Florida. We saw dear friends and family, participated in a great event in Orlando, visited the ashram where our nephew lives and had a special meeting with Gurudev (Yogi Amrit Desai). We stopped in North Carolina each way to spend time with our son and his girlfriend. We made lots of new friends. And our beautiful new grandson was born in California while we were on the road. (Oh, and we celebrated our mutual birthdays while on the road.Thanks for all the birthday wishes!)

I hope you have been having a Summer filled with some amazing experiences like the ones we have had! It had been decades since I drove to Florida, something we did several times a year when I was growing up. Ah, nostalgia!

And the idea of old patterns, old beliefs came up again and again. I used to say I didn’t like road trips because my childhood was filled with hot cars (pre-air conditioning) and long days on the road. I changed that belief! Richard and I had a great time, planning shorter driving days and longer visits along the way. We listened to music and teaching CDs, sometimes turned off the CD player and just chatted. I had several long phone conversations that I don’t usually have time for – and it was so nice not to have pressure to get to the next event on the schedule. Do you let yourself have long connections with loved ones?

So I have heard a couple of times, in the few days that we have been back home, that I look ‘radiant’ and ‘glowing.’ I have been trimming away what is not important, moving self-care up on the list of priorities, relaxing, and dreaming big dreams. Had an epiphany about my Life Purpose while at the Stand, Speak & Profit Event that brought tears to my eyes. You’ll be hearing more about that soon!

I invite you to do some trimming in your life, too. The Full Moon in Aquarius occurred yesterday, August 10 at 2:09 pm Eastern Daylight Time; we are still in that powerful energy. This is the perfect time to TRIM! Let go of what is holding you back. Trim away the excess in your life so you can focus on what really matters to you. Do a little ritual around the Full Moon and RELEASE!

AND, If you’d like some help in clearing that old baggage, I am still offering a special reading with me to uncover limiting beliefs and negative thoughts and RELEASE THEM! Here’s where to go to register for a special session at the investment of only $150: Purchase Here

SAVE THE DATE: SEPTEMBER 20, 2014! The Fall Equinox Possibilities Playshop is coming! The earlier ones have been such fun, you’re definitely going to want to join us for this one. If you attended before, come again and update your Playbook! More info later.

Happy Trimming and Clearing!



horsehead nebHello from chilly, wintry Maryland!

We’re at the very end of Capricorn energy, the mountain goat tenaciously holding onto the side of the hill, andmoving on Sunday, January 19 into Aquarius, the water bearer – the energy bearer. The keynote for Aquarius is ‘I KNOW.’ You’ve heard of the Age of Aquarius because humanity is moving into a period where we start paying attention to the consciousness of community. We move from the personal concerns to the concerns of the collective. We start thinking bigger.

Are you ready to explore the possibilities for yourself, your life, your purpose, your business, your community?

2014 is starting out with a big bang in a lot of people’s lives! I spoke with a financial advisor who said his business was really booming. I’ve talked with others who are feeling very excited about the possibilities ahead of them but are not sure what to do first. Others aren’t sure they see the road ahead clearly and don’t know where to look for next steps.

Here’s where to explore the possibilities for yourself:

Join the Possibilities Playshop and Create Your Guidebook for 2014!

On Saturday, January 25 we’ll be reaching into the dimensions where YOUR POSSIBILITIES are PROBABILITIES and clearing your blocks to manifest them in 2014! We’ll play with ideas about using Moon Cycle energies to support your path in this year. Get ready for the Lunar New Year, which starts with the New Moon on the 30th, and make 2014 your year. More info here: LINK and TODAY is the last day for the Early Bird Special investment level! Invest in yourself and POSSIBILITIES this year! We’ll be recording the Playshop so you can participate later if you can’t be with us live, either in person or online.

My theme for this year is CONNECTION and I hope to connect with you all before the year is done. That’s why I have a Where’s Rosemary? section in this MuseLetter! If we are attending the same events, please let me know that you’re a subscriber. And if you like the information we share each week, please let a friend know that they, too, should join RosemarySpace.

We’re reaching out to our community in new ways later this year so I’d love to hear from you about how we can serve you. Please send me an email if there’s a class you’d like or an event you’d like to see us offer. We listen!

We’re still feeling the effects of Wednesday’s late Full Moon so be careful driving out there! [Remember that the effect starts 3 days before and stays with us for 3 days after the day of the Full Moon.]

Have a week filled with Possibilities becoming Reality!