New Moon in Virgo
Happy August!

We are in the midst of the big move into our new home! And we are celebrating our mutual birthdays. This is a big time for the Bredeson family.

We are moving forward. Although at the moment we are tripping over boxes in both places and spend our days loading and unloading a moving van, our minds are full of great ideas for offerings we can share with you as we extend our community in the Maryland area and online. Richard has a new Qigong Class beginning onAugust 5 (yes, in the middle of the move!) and I will be starting to see private clients at my new home office next week. Woo Hoo!!!

All of this is happening around the New Moon in Leo on Tuesday, August 6 which occurs at 5:51 pmEastern Daylight Time. This New Moon invites us to express our creativity from a place of knowing our purpose, our essence. This theme continues through the Sun’s time in Leo. Move into your power, your own Inner Light, and live your purpose in the world. Start something new on August 6. Between now and then, get rid of what has been holding you back, whatever is keeping you from moving forward.

We are moving forward into a new home, a new Spiritual Study Center with new offerings to our community. What are you doing to move forward into something new?

I’m committing publicly to complete work on my next book before the end of the year. I expect to spend a lot more time on it in my new home office. Please send some good writer vibes to support me in this! Thanks!

A big ‘thank you’ to our grandkids, Makayla, Cody, and Joshie, for their help in getting this move started. They are enthusiastic problem solvers and indefatigable movers. You guys are the best!

And a special ‘Happy Birthday’ to my husband, Richard! Thank you for taking on the Lion’s share of the work for this move! Love you!

Have a fabulous week! Hope it has all sorts of new energy for you!



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