bullseyeWhat fun we’re having on our trip to Florida! We are visiting family and friends along the way before we get to Orlando. Will we see you at the Red Elephant event, “Stand, Speak and Profit” there? I won tickets for us to attend this event and so it precipitated a drive south and some important visits along the way. I hope to connect with people and information that will make the next event we present to be the best it can be.

We celebrated the New Moon in Leo on Saturday, July 26 at 6:42 pm Eastern Daylight Time. If you have attended a Possibilities Playshop you can check your Playbook to see what your theme is for this New Moon cycle. If you haven’t attended the Playshop yet, we’ll be announcing the next one shortly.Pay attention to your intentions for this New Moon.Leo energy is powerfully sent to us via both the Sun and Moon at this time. Take some time to reflect on your purpose and how you can move forward in manifesting that purpose in the world. What helpers do you need? What new insights can you gain? Jupiter is giving us a chance to expand our visions and take advantage of great opportunities. Keep your eyes and heart open!

At The Oracle Speaks Event last week The Divine Feminine gave us some great guidance about Children, Compassion and Crystals, all focused through the lens of Self-Love. This was the Leo event and we’ll be offering The Oracle Speaks Events at least once during every Sun Sign throughout the year. In these events I channel The Divine Feminine and there is always great wisdom and guidance for living a Conscious Life.

If you weren’t able to join us, you can get the audio recording here and listen to this important message. Link to Purchase. When you participate live, you get to ask your questions, general or personal, and you can join us in person or via the internet. Watch for the Virgo event!

Tomorrow’s post is a video clip from last week’s event so that you can hear what The Divine Feminine started teaching about crystals. They gave us some more information on crystals in last Friday’s post. Is it time you paid more attention to crystals and how they can help you in your life?

Hope you are enjoying your Summer and that you are giving yourself time for Self-Love and Play! Celebrate Leo and keep roaring!


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