MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: LOVE Your Vision into Life!

Dear Ones,

Life is not only what you make it. Life is what you PLAN to make it.

People often repeat the quote, ‘Life is what you make it,’ implying that you can create your life. But then the language they use implies their victimhood at the hands of Fate. ‘What could I do?’ with shrugged shoulders and upraised hands – the message being sent that there was nothing they could do, they had no power.

Or people talk about all the things that could go wrong in the future, conjuring up visions of great disasters, or expecting behavior from others that stymies their plans. How many times have you heard someone excited about an outdoor activity and then say, ‘But it will probably rain’?

These are not the actions of someone who truly believes that ‘Life is what you make it.’ When you speak and envision what you do not want you energize that. When you speak and envision what you DO want, you energize THAT. Life really IS what you make it. And Life is what you PLAN to make it through your thoughts, words, visions.

Now check in on your language, your thoughts, the pictures that you create and carry around in your head. Are you planning the Life you really want? Or did you just complain to someone about something you don’t want in your life?

Start this today by creating the vision of what you want your Life to look like. Add how it feels, the people who surround you, the activities you engage in, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, the car you drive, what you do for fun, what you do for personal growth and spiritual renewal – Everything!

When you have a vision that carries with it a positive emotional charge and fires you up, then you have the measuring stick to use to gauge your language and your thoughts every day. Check that sentence that you just uttered – is it consistent with the vision you created? What did you just think about how things are today? If it does not bring support for your vision then cancel that thought!

All the energies of your Life must align in the direction of the vision you have created for yourself. If you struggle in some area of your Life, then examine the struggle for the lesson that will bring your vision into manifestation. Where is the lesson in this? Each lesson brings you, as its reward, a little closer to living your vision. When you are considering a couple of different options or choices, ask yourself which path is consistent with your vision and then choose that one.

This pattern becomes your strategy for Living Your Richest Life. You become conscious of every single step you are taking and you allow this conscious awareness to shape into existence your own vision for your Life.

Living a Conscious Life means consciously creating that Life. Go ahead and create the vision today. You can capture it in a vision board, a journal, or just in your head, but make sure you can feel it in your heart.

Then LOVE that vision into existence in your Life by feeding it energy from the thoughts and actions and words that make it manifest.

Love your vision into Life!

And so it is.

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