My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: Be Your Real Self!


ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Do You Need to Declare Your Independence?

My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week is from last Friday, when
we celebrated the 4th of July here in the US. The message
applies on any day!

Do You Need to Declare Your Independence? 


Freedom and Energy

When your energy is locked up inside you, there can be no forward motion in your life. Do you feel stuck in some area and are you unsure of your roadmap out of the stuck place?

The first place to look is to examine your life for the places where your life looks the same as it did one year or five years or ten years ago. Are you clinging to something familiar merely because it is familiar or are you constantly re-evaluating yourself and your life for the ways in which you can grow and expand? When you put your attention to your personal growth you will find the energy to move forward.

Staying in a stuck place actually takes more energy than moving with the flow of life. Does this surprise you? Being stuck means that you are resisting the natural flow of growth and evolution. It takes a lot of energy to deny yourself the opportunities that present themselves for you to enjoy forward motion and the expansion of your consciousness.

There are always lessons to be learned, experiences to be enjoyed, new frontiers to explore. Every new thing learned expands your awareness so that you can never go back to the time before you learned that. You do, however, always have the freedom to choose to ignore the lessons that present themselves to you.

And energy flows where your attention goes. On what are you focusing your attention? Do you think more about what you lack in your life or are you putting your attention on manifesting your dreams? The energy needed for manifestation comes from the belief in your ability to realize those dreams. If you have limiting beliefs or negative thoughts that keep pulling your attention back to what you don’t have, the energy will not flow into the attracting force needed for manifestation.

Of course, you are free to choose where you will focus your attention, but when you realize that you do have choice, why would you focus on lack?

Freedom doesn’t just mean the freedom to choose. It also means the freedom to BE. You can be free of the bonds that keep you tied to the past, to negative thoughts, to limiting beliefs, especially those that are sourced from someone outside of yourself. You are free to choose to BE the person you were born on Planet Earth to be, to live your purpose.

When you put your attention on being instead of doing, your energy flows into being the you you were meant to be. Doing, taking action in your life, then follows being yourself.

Where are there energy blocks in you, in your life? Identify the stuck places and take action to move the energy through the blocks. Free up any stuck energy so that you can truly be free. Focus your attention on manifesting your dreams and watch how much energy can then flow into that manifestation.

Freedom and energy – intimately connected and your choice!

PS: My Conversation with The Other Side this Saturday, July 13, promises to be another great evening. For a sample of the depth and detail of the messages you can expect to hear, I have posted some samples on my website: Sample Messages. Go to the link to hear and see how this works and how you can benefit with messages from The Other Side! Attendance is easy from anywhere in the world!


My “Two-Minute” video for the week: Energy and Freedom

PS: My Conversation with The Other Side this Saturday, July 13, promises to be another great evening. For a sample of the depth and detail of the messages you can expect to hear, I have posted some samples on my website: Sample Messages. Go to the link to hear and see how this works and how you can benefit with messages from The Other Side! Attendance is easy from anywhere in the world!

A POEM FOR THE 4TH OF JULY: Love and Freedom

These Thursday posts are normally my commentary on the Mystic Message of the week, Rosemary’s Exploration topic. This week’s is “Be on the Lookout” (posted yesterday). So, rather than a comment I am posting a poem to celebrate our freedom on this 4th of July holiday; it’s my opportunity to “speak” to recent events and certain rulings by the Supreme Court!

So, take this opportunity to enjoy your freedom and “love the one you’re with!”

Love and Freedom

Freedom to Love is everything.
When we love we are free.
When we are free we can love.
Choice is everything.

Love is not always a choice.
Some are not free to choose.
Freedom is a matter of mind.
Love is a matter of heart.

Others believe they control minds.
There is no control of hearts.
When we are free in our hearts
No one controls Love in our minds.

©2013 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.



PS: Have a safe and FREE holiday!

MUSE-INGS: Consciousness. Success. Freedom.

These are all concepts that are not easily discussed in a short piece but it makes sense that we are being called at this time to consider these topics. In this long-awaited year of 2012 we will be experiencing an expansion of consciousness that is really challenging every human being to address their own understanding of their ‘self’ and their place in the Universe. I believe that no one will be allowed to ignore what I will name ‘The Call of Consciousness.’

Humanity is on an evolutionary path that is not just about walking upright or brain size or the physical attributes of the human. Quantum Physics is exploring topics that were not even dreamed of 100 or 200 or 1000 years ago. I started my professional career with a degree in mathematics and a job programming complex operations on a computer that filled a huge room in the basement of a building. I think my iPhone has more compute power than the computer on which I did matrix transformations of spectrum allocation analysis [are you suitably impressed?]. When our kids were young we had an Atari computer that has been replaced in our home by a desktop PC, a Mac Book Pro, a Mac Book Air, an iPad, 2 iPhones and a Droid. Not to mention our Kindles, etc. Who even bothers to remember their multiplication table because we all have calculators on our phones?

But because we have computers and technological advances we are not necessarily more advanced as a civilization. We still seem to have a need to kill each other. We still steal from each other, and harm our neighbors and covet what they have. I could list a lot of other things that we do to each other, but I think there is a very simple reason why this list is so long. It’s because we still think of ourselves as separate beings living a separate existence in the world and if I have something then it must be taken from another. And if someone else has something it means that I don’t have that. We then create the need for greed because I want what you have.

We have forgotten that we are all connected in an abundant Universe. We focus on lack – you have something that I lack and, therefore, I must make that imbalance right by going out and getting what I want [‘keeping up with the Joneses’ syndrome] or taking from you so I can feel better about myself when I have it and you don’t [‘king of the mountain’ syndrome]. We think of ourselves as separate and then we act to make ourselves feel better about that separation.

Religions, societies, communities, spiritual teachings all address connectedness in some form, but humans can twist that message into a message of ‘otherness’ and separation that cause great deals of conflicts between parties because they have fallen into the traps inherent in a belief in separation.

Each child in a family is a separate being with a personality all their own, but don’t they, at the same time, feel a sense of connectedness in a family unit? And I’m not talking just about what some people call a ‘family’ but of what we create – the ‘family’ of people united into community by some kind of bond. What if we all started to expand our definition of ‘family’ to include all sentient beings, especially all human beings, so that our awareness encompasses the consciousness of the connectedness of all?

Couldn’t we improve life on Earth by adopting this expansion of consciousness? We are being called to become our greater selves at this time. Think of yourself as connected to all others. Expand your own consciousness. You will be contributing to the expansion of the collective consciousness. This is how your life purpose fits into the whole.



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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: The Consciousness of Success

Dear Ones,

It is our pleasure to welcome you people of the Earth to the larger collection of inhabitants of the Universe. Many of you are thinking of yourselves in a context that is larger than the little group to which you belong at present. Welcome.

The human family is just one of the tribes of families in the Universe. This is not said to scare you about your science fiction movie aliens but to let you know that there is a consciousness beyond that which encompasses the human race on Planet Earth in the 21st Century. That all-encompassing consciousness has been called ‘God’ or ‘Spirit’ or ‘Source’ or ‘Great Spirit’ or ‘The Universe’ and a host of other names. Religions have been created around this notion that there is a consciousness beyond the comprehension of a human mind and therefore it must be deified and separate from humans.

In reality, Dear Ones, YOU are the consciousness that is beyond your own comprehension and every other existence of sentience is also that larger consciousness. This might seem a difficult concept to grasp but it is really rather simple. All consciousness is an awareness of existence. Any being that is aware of its own existence is a part of the collective consciousness. All sentient beings are, therefore, a part of the larger consciousness and there is none that are separate from it.

Does that confuse you? Or does it help you to feel that you are connected to something greater that is, at one time, a part of you as you are a part of it? Look around you at the people in your life and realize that you are all a part of the greater All. See every human being as a part of you. Know that your whole life is one of connection to all around you.

This is the secret of very successful people on Planet Earth. They feel themselves as a part of the greater whole. Now, we are not speaking here of those who deem themselves successful just because they have amassed a vast fortune in money, especially those who have done so at the expense of other people or at the exploitation of people and the environment, for their definition of success is merely that they are successful at accumulating money.

Rather, successful people on Earth are those who have arrived at a consciousness that allows them to exist in harmony with where they are in the present moment. They might have vast wealth or they might have little of earthly possessions, but they feel a part of the greater whole and they believe that they have a part to play in the unfolding of consciousness on the Planet. Not all of these successful people have money but they don’t define themselves by their bank account, either. And being aware of being a part of a greater consciousness does not mean that one must live in poverty or repudiate wealth and physical possessions. There are some who teach that these two states of existence are mutually exclusive but we would tell you that people can be conscious and wealthy at the same time, and people can be conscious and have little wealth and be successful. The thinking about success needs to be modified to allow people of any level of monetary fortune to be considered successful if they are living their life purpose and understand their connectedness to the greater whole.

Individual freedom is often spoken of as if it is insular. We would tell you that the individual who is truly free does not see their existence as separate from the whole but free because they are a part of All that is around and within them. This individual is truly a Child of the Universe and has the entire Universe in which to exist as a free being.

‘Success’ and ‘Freedom’ are words that are crying out for re-definition as all of humanity moves into a higher understanding of collective consciousness.

We will speak more about these topics in coming days.

And so it is.


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