MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: “Choosing to Pay the Bills? “

Dear Ones,

We are aware that many people spend much of their time worrying about money. Or should we say, the lack of money. We wish you to change your thoughts.

Money is not abundance or prosperity. Is it REALLY money that you lack or is it a feeling of freedom, abundance, prosperity? What is it you are really feeling when you focus on money or the lack of money?

You can take something whose only value is created when two parties agree on the value and make that thing the essence of your thoughts and, thus, your Life. OR you can change your thinking, control your thoughts, and focus on abundance, prosperity and freedom.

For many of you, you have equated money with these qualities of Life. That is a false equivalent. Would you not feel freer without a mortgage to pay? Would you not feel more prosperous if you felt yourself making choices from a place of empowerment rather than from a place of lack (“I could do that but I choose something else” rather than “I can’t afford that”)? And wouldn’t you feel more abundant in your Life if you appreciated and cared for what is in your Life especially if you have only those things in your Life that you love instead of focusing on what you don’t have or dealing with /feeling burdened by the things in your Life that you don’t love?

You do have the power of choice when it comes to your thoughts. Even those thoughts that arise unbidden in your consciousness can be attached to or let go of – it’s your choice. Where you focus your attention is also your choice. The Law of Attraction states that you attract into your Life that which you magnetize with the energy of your thoughts. What have you been thinking about today?

Now if you are saying that your Life is a struggle to pay the bills then we would tell you to take heart and heed these words today. You are choosing to struggle. Let that go. You are choosing to have those bills in your Life today, perhaps because of decisions made when you did not have the consciousness and awareness that you have today. That is okay. Every day contains new lessons for you to learn and today is no exception to that.

Think differently about the bills you have to pay. Move into gratitude that you have always been making the right choices to learn the lessons of your Life. Rejoice in the empowered feeling of continuing to make choices. Even if your choice is about which bill to pay and which bill to delay, make a choice. You focus on what you don’t want [a consequence] and you energize that. Focus on feeling empowered instead of victimized and you will attract greater empowerment.

There is a difference between bringing your focus fully into the present moment and focusing on ‘what is’ instead of what you desire. There are two aspects to this that it is important for you to consider.

The first is that you must pull all your energy into this present moment because this is your Life. All you have is this moment.

But when you are in this moment thinking about what you don’t have, you steal energy from this moment, your magnetizing/attracting energy, and you give it away to the lack of what you desire.

Think instead of how it will feel when you bring what you desire into this present moment. Energize and ramp up that feeling. Add gratitude to that emotional experience. Smile – with your facial muscles and with your heart.

This is how you attract that which you desire.

When you focus on lack or on the difference between what is and what you desire you make yourself unhappy. When you live in acceptance of what is and an appreciation that you always have the power to change your thoughts – about what is and about what you desire – then you can live an abundant, prosperous, empowered Life in freedom.

We realize that this is a complicated issue but we invite you to start today practicing these techniques. Energize abundance, prosperity and freedom by thinking thoughts and feeling feelings of abundance, prosperity and freedom.

And so it is.


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