MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: The Consciousness of Success

Dear Ones,

It is our pleasure to welcome you people of the Earth to the larger collection of inhabitants of the Universe. Many of you are thinking of yourselves in a context that is larger than the little group to which you belong at present. Welcome.

The human family is just one of the tribes of families in the Universe. This is not said to scare you about your science fiction movie aliens but to let you know that there is a consciousness beyond that which encompasses the human race on Planet Earth in the 21st Century. That all-encompassing consciousness has been called ‘God’ or ‘Spirit’ or ‘Source’ or ‘Great Spirit’ or ‘The Universe’ and a host of other names. Religions have been created around this notion that there is a consciousness beyond the comprehension of a human mind and therefore it must be deified and separate from humans.

In reality, Dear Ones, YOU are the consciousness that is beyond your own comprehension and every other existence of sentience is also that larger consciousness. This might seem a difficult concept to grasp but it is really rather simple. All consciousness is an awareness of existence. Any being that is aware of its own existence is a part of the collective consciousness. All sentient beings are, therefore, a part of the larger consciousness and there is none that are separate from it.

Does that confuse you? Or does it help you to feel that you are connected to something greater that is, at one time, a part of you as you are a part of it? Look around you at the people in your life and realize that you are all a part of the greater All. See every human being as a part of you. Know that your whole life is one of connection to all around you.

This is the secret of very successful people on Planet Earth. They feel themselves as a part of the greater whole. Now, we are not speaking here of those who deem themselves successful just because they have amassed a vast fortune in money, especially those who have done so at the expense of other people or at the exploitation of people and the environment, for their definition of success is merely that they are successful at accumulating money.

Rather, successful people on Earth are those who have arrived at a consciousness that allows them to exist in harmony with where they are in the present moment. They might have vast wealth or they might have little of earthly possessions, but they feel a part of the greater whole and they believe that they have a part to play in the unfolding of consciousness on the Planet. Not all of these successful people have money but they don’t define themselves by their bank account, either. And being aware of being a part of a greater consciousness does not mean that one must live in poverty or repudiate wealth and physical possessions. There are some who teach that these two states of existence are mutually exclusive but we would tell you that people can be conscious and wealthy at the same time, and people can be conscious and have little wealth and be successful. The thinking about success needs to be modified to allow people of any level of monetary fortune to be considered successful if they are living their life purpose and understand their connectedness to the greater whole.

Individual freedom is often spoken of as if it is insular. We would tell you that the individual who is truly free does not see their existence as separate from the whole but free because they are a part of All that is around and within them. This individual is truly a Child of the Universe and has the entire Universe in which to exist as a free being.

‘Success’ and ‘Freedom’ are words that are crying out for re-definition as all of humanity moves into a higher understanding of collective consciousness.

We will speak more about these topics in coming days.

And so it is.


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