MUSE-INGS: “I Choose Thoughts of Abundance, Prosperity and Freedom!”

Seems that money or the lack thereof is the topic du jour for a lot of us. I appreciate this message with a specific way to address our thoughts, especially if they are tripping us up. How many times did the words ‘abundance, prosperity and freedom’ appear in the Mystic Message? I like the idea of focusing on these concepts and how it feels to experience them instead of how much money is lacking or needed. Money seems to drain energy when it is thought about only as something that is needed and does not exist.

Money does exist. We won’t get into economics and policy here, but money is around. We spend so much time thinking about it but it is really just something used in an exchange for products or services. Money is not the same as abundance, prosperity or freedom, but we sure think it is, don’t we?

We have a friend who is divesting himself of most of his ‘things’ and he is experiencing a great deal of freedom, thinking about where he will rent a room so that he can do more volunteer work and meet more people. Another friend has rented out his own place to move into New York City to experience life there and to get his new business off the ground in a more fertile area than where he lived before.

And we are doing something similar, selling our house in Colorado Springs and moving into a rental near our family, letting go of a lot of the stuff we’ve accumulated over our 30 years together, including furniture. We’re simplifying.

With simplification comes a certain amount of freedom. With renting comes a freedom from worrying about the next repair and how much it will cost [it’s the landlord’s problem!]. With a move to be near family we will experience an abundance of joy at being able to participate more fully in the lives of our grandchildren and other family members. When our house in Colorado and our mountain property are sold we will have no more mortgages to pay each month.

Instead of thinking about the bills that need to be paid and whether or not there is money to pay them, we can shift our thinking to how free we will be as we move forward on our path. I think it is very important to note how the connection between our thoughts and our experience brings about what we focus on.

It is easy to focus on not having enough money. It is easy to say/think, ‘I can’t afford that.’ But notice that the guidance in the Message is very specific: shift that thought to ‘I am choosing to do something else.’ Maybe it seems difficult at first to shift your thinking but here’s one example: ‘I choose to pay for those things that I have already enjoyed in my life rather than to purchase something new at this time.’ This gets you into the emotion of gratitude for the fun you have already had as you anticipate having fun in the future and out of the ‘woe is me! I can’t afford to do that new thing’ mode of thinking. Freedom! And an appreciation for the abundance that has already shown up in your life. This will magnetize and attract more freedom and abundance in your life.

And all you did was reframe one thought into attracting that which you desire to come into your life!


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