ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Big News: Tristan Wallace Bredeson is on the Planet!

My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: Big News: Tristan Wallace Bredeson is on the Planet!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: How’s That Planning Thing Going for You?

We can plan.  We can organize.  We can expect.  And then Life Happens.

Have you ever had a plan, had everything organized down to the tiniest detail, and set your expectations on that plan working out exactly as you planned it?  And have you had the experience of having little or big glitches shift things out of Plan A?

We have all had this experience.  We THINK we are in charge of everything but the Universe sometimes (or often) has a different plan and guess who succeeds?

This isn’t about whether or not you should develop a plan of action to accomplish something.  It’s good to have a plan.  But do you become so invested in YOUR plan that you forget the ‘this or something better’ part of your request to the Universe?  There is a value in learning to go with the flow.

We saw this with the birth of our grandson.  His parents had Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and the baby decided to be born on HIS schedule, the way HE wanted to come into the world, with HIS CHOSEN astrological birth chart.  He was born the day that a surprise baby shower had been planned for his Mommy.  The surprise was his appearance in the world 3 ½ weeks early!

What plans have you developed that have seemed to go awry?  How do you react when that happens?

Remember that the formula is:

Event happens.  Then you React.  And then you CHOOSE how you will respond.

Event (Plan seems to go awry).  What is your REACTION?  Anger?  Upset? Depression? Denial? So many different emotions can arise and they can stem from previous experiences, even from your childhood.  Reactions start at the unconscious level. But your RESPONSE is chosen consciously.

Do you allow your reaction to dictate your response?  Or do you hit the pause button and give yourself a chance to consciously choose how you will respond?  This is how you live a conscious life.

Babies choose how and when they will come into the world.  Most of us accept that they have a plan of their own.  But what about other plans that don’t go the way you want them to, or planned them, or expected?  What if another person interferes with your plans?  What do you do then?

Remember that you CHOOSE how to respond.  You can choose to get upset and to stay upset but that isn’t a very resourceful place to be.  Even if you do get upset, you can decide to respond by figuring out a new plan, to go with the flow.

Do you plan differently in your work than at home?  Are you flexible in the workplace to get along with others but you are rigid at home because you want things to be just the way you intend for them to be?  Notice if you operate differently and then ask yourself, ‘Why?’  Sometimes it is easier to adjust plans in the workplace because you are not emotionally invested in them and you are resourceful when you are in ‘work mode.’ But when you are at home, with the family or in a social setting, you might have stronger expectations that you have control over your life.  Can you go with the flow?  Are you willing to work on Plan B or Plan C?

If you are the opposite – going with the flow outside of work but expecting everyone around you at work to line up with your plan – what could you gain by adding some flexibility to your methods?  What if Plan A was the goal but Plan B was also OK?

Think about this the next time you decide that your plans must go exactly as you arranged them.  Those creative babies might have a mind of their own!

This or something better.

Change, the Brain, and Life Force Energy—Richard’s Commentary

Change has certainly been on my mind lately—can you tell from my posts? Some of this change energy, maybe most of it, is coming from outside sources, including the influences of the planets, stars, heavens, recalling the quotes I used from my astrologer friend, Chris Largent, last week.

It is important to be aware of these outside influences in order to react, reflect and respond appropriately. And this happens on the inside, the only source and cause of true change. We have to consciously step through that gateless gate!

I was still in the middle of all this rumination when I wrote my “morning pages” this past Monday. Here’s what I’d like to share:

Everybody seems to be on edge, maybe a threshold, balancing on that edge, uncertain, teetering forth and back, wondering, hesitant, angry at the hesitance, fearful of the advance. Yet, advance we must straight into April and lovely days ahead to celebrate wakefulness.

It is good to wake up. It is good to be alive. Yes, I have met with irritation today, my old friend. And he is as grumpy as ever, rasping about people in his way, people with attitudes, people not following the rules – his rules. I have met with him and asked him to leave. I have too much to do to deal with irritation. It is a pointless and wasteful feeling. He is gone and I welcome the clear, clean air of April.

And maybe I’m a fool to seek happiness and joy in all things. There is often good reason to be in irritation’s field. But reason doesn’t make it right. The foolishness of joy is not wrong. Maybe it is unreasonable but never wrong.

I will seek out joy today. I would much rather be in his company. Some days I would rather be happy and irrational, living with Pi and Phi, than living in my left brain with the thinker, too often stinker.

Flow, goodness, grace, Tao. These are the way. This is The Way, the Immortal Way. How can an irritable man ever be good company, live as an Immortal? This is not the way!

And so I write, I look for the change. The door to Immortality stands wide open. The threshold of that door is joy. Happiness lives beyond. The simple act of crossing that threshold concludes the Pursuit of Happiness. It is right there, a fool’s paradise, so easy to reach out to, beyond. Just beyond.

Is this an April Fool’s joke I’m playing on myself? Can it really be so easy? And what if it is? Isn’t everything I write about choice? I believe it is. Stepping across the threshold is a choice. And this door of the threshold? It is that gateless gate of Zen. It swings both ways. There is always the “anti-choice” of reversion to old ways, meeting up with irritation again! Why I would want to do that is a mystery but it does happen. But maybe with the support of Heaven it doesn’t have to be that way. Maybe I can stay on the grace and happiness side of the gate. Maybe the world over there is perfect, just as it is. There is nothing wrong on that side of the gate that needs my attention. It is all good, just as it is. All I have to do is see it that way. And maybe some would say this is looking through “rose-colored glasses”. So what? Those who say that covet the glasses!

Is there sickness, old-age and death on that side of the gate? Of course there is! All the people caught up in all their desires are still there. Those still pursuing happiness are still there. It is a gateless gate—there is nothing that gate separates! In this sense nothing has changed. They have not crossed the threshold. It is I who have changed. It all only bubbles up from the inside. The gate that is not a barrier is inside. The threshold of joy is inside. The choice to cross the threshold is made in silence, promised to no one, confessed only in the stillness of every moment.

Change is that simple. And this may be the most difficult vow I can take and keep. Is there any way that I can say goodbye to irritation, dismiss him forever? This is only one step to take beyond the threshold. And from that new place I can hope to say, yes to this promise. One step into the new current is all it takes. And the flow will take me in a whole new direction…I am willing to let that current take me.

This is the water of my life. It is moving now, spinning beyond the stagnant backwater I have been stuck in for too long. This pretty April day with Sun, high sky, light breeze ringing bells is a brand new day for this fool to let go of old companions of irritation and rules and head into the unknown space of happiness flowing with whatever currents will come to jostle, cajole, and rejoin me onward beyond joy!

…so it all came tumbling out! And in tomorrow’s post I’ll offer a sequel to this flow toward change, toward happiness I stepped into this week…

MUSE-INGS: Step into the Flow

Sometimes I think we’re all striving to achieve something that will allow us to say, ‘I have arrived!’ when what we really want to do is be so in the flow that we are enjoying each moment too much to stop and ‘arrive.’

This is the journey we were born to experience. Every step along the way has the gift of a lesson to be learned, some more gentle than others. But always there is an opportunity to learn. If we resist, if we try to stand our ground in the face of the energy of flow, we spend all of our energy in futile resistance. [Just ask any Trekkie and you will hear, ‘Resistance is futile’!]

It’s easy, though, to move to the two extremes of the concept of ‘being in flow.’

For some, it seems easier to ‘go with the flow’ and relinquish all power to choose the direction of life. For others, there is an urge to constantly resist or try to ignore the energy of the flow, the ‘ostrich syndrome.’ Neither choice makes life the journey of fulfillment that it can be.

When, instead, we choose to determine our Soul Purpose and then to follow the path of fulfilling that purpose, we are participating in the flow of life.

No one’s path is the same as another person’s. This needs to be emphasized, especially when we get into relationships and try to make the relationship move as two people in lockstep trying to move forward as one. Each of us must determine our own path, our own cycle, our own rhythm. And we must take responsibility for taking the actions that keep us in flow with our unique path.

Giving over your power to another person, group, institution, church takes you out of step with your Path of Soul Purpose. Making a conscious choice, however, to join paths with others at certain points along the journey, is your prerogative. But th e choice must be a conscious one, not one in which you allow yourself to step onto someone else’s path because you are not seeking your own. Your Path is Your Path, based on your unique Soul Purpose and Soul Journey.

When your life cycle seems to be at an ebb it is sometimes tempting to allow someone else to take charge of the direction of your path, but this is giving away your power.

Face the direction of your dreams and you will see the Path of Your Soul Purpose unfolding before you. Step onto that path. Have confidence that, when you are moving with the flow of the cycles of your life, you will have everyone around you that you need, all the resources that you need, all the opportunities to learn your lessons.

And if you are unhappy with where you are at the moment, remind yourself that ‘this, too, shall pass’ as the new cycle will begin soon!

Most of the clients I work with as a coach are in some period of transition in their lives, feeling that there must be something more or that there is something that is just beyond their reach. Usually the work is connecting them to their guidance so that they can step out confidently, thinking only about the next step, what is theirs to do in this present moment. This is learning to get into flow.

Focus on the one next step along the Path. Know and recognize the Path of Your Soul Purpose, then follow it.

Go with the flow! But first learn the flow for you!

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MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Cycles, Rhythms and YOU!

Cycles. Rhythms. Seasons.

Everything in your world is made of energy and energy has a flow inherent in its properties. Nothing can sit still within the flow.

You can try to stand perfectly still and let the world around you flow by. But you will be resistance in the unfolding of all that is surrounding you and it will take a lot of energy for you to resist flowing with the energies as they move.

Some people try to resist and even to move backward against the current of the flow, but they can be swept away by the tide when it overpowers them.

Flowing with the cycles of energy provides the choice that contains the least resistance, preserving much of your own energy for you to consciously choose to allocate to other endeavors. This does not mean that you give over your own personal power to what is happening around you. Rather you go within yourself to connect to the energy flow that is appropriate to you and your Path of Soul Purpose.

The steps to living within the flow are easy to master. First, you must learn to tap your own inner wisdom for guidance about the direction that is in consonance with your Path of Soul Purpose. Are you clear about your Soul Purpose? Do you know who you were born to be at this time on Planet Earth? When you know the direction that allows you to fulfill your purpose, you have the context from which to evaluate the guidance you receive from your inner wisdom.

Do you know how to access your inner wisdom? Meditation, journaling, guided imagery, hypnosis, and other tools of inner exploration will put you in touch with your own inner wisdom for the guidance that shines a light on your Path. With the information you receive, you are ready to move forward.

After you have received inner guidance about the direction of your path, you must then take action in that direction. It is not enough to know where you are headed. If you don’t put one foot before the other and move, you will be standing in that current resisting the flow. The next step to living within the flow is an actual step.

Step out in the direction you have determined is yours to follow. Move. Take guided action. FEEL the sensation of being in the flow of energy that will carry you forward. Each step brings you closer to allowing the current to carry you so with the steps you take you can relax and allow yourself to be supported on your journey.

The cycles of Life lift you up and sometimes allow you to slow, just as the waves of the ocean come into shore and then recede. When you are flowing with Life you do not resist the periods that are slow – you allow yourself to make the conscious choice to be in that perfect state. Just as the seasons of the year invite you to act differently so that you can stay in alignment with the differing energies of each season, so the cycles of your Life, of the Conscious Life, invite you to make the choices that are most appropriate to the energies within that cycle.

Be active when the guidance suggests that you are active. Be still when the energies invite you to go inside. Move slowly or quickly as you are guided.

The more you practice understanding the energy of your own flow the smoother will be your passage through the cycles, rhythms and seasons of your Life!

And so it is.

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MUSE-INGS: Money: Merely a Medium of Exchange

Money, money, money. How many thoughts a day do you have about money? About making it, spending it, having it, not having it, giving it, taking it, who owes you, to whom you owe money. Kids are willing to do chores to get the money they need to buy their next toy. Spouses fight about how to spend or not spend their money. Businesses agonize over the ledger books and how to increase profits. Family members resent each other because of imbalances in money exchanges. Friends lend money then resent the loan.

The list is almost endless if we move up to situations about money in other levels of society. But, really, what IS money and why do we give it such a high place in our thoughts, relationships and lives?

I believe that we are social beings at our hearts and we really want to coexist with our fellow human beings. Where would any one human be without millions of others around the planet who are acting to support that one human being? Think about that. No one exists in a vacuum devoid of the impact of other human beings.

We just ate dinner in a restaurant. In addition to the servers and hosts, there were busboys and chefs and cooks and dishwashers and bookkeepers, etc. who contributed to our meal. There were farmers who grew the food and farm workers who harvested it and truck drivers who moved it and warehouse workers who stored it. The list is amazingly long and that is the number of human beings involved in supporting our eating one meal out.

Now think about the people involved in bringing to you every item that lives in your home. The food, the dishes, the soap, the furniture, and this list is tremendously long as well. If you go to work outside your home, you travel on roads and/or public transportation provided by other workers. Your home is protected by police officers and firefighters and there are paramedics standing by if you become ill. There is a traffic guard and a school bus driver to get your kids to school.

Imagine what your life would be like if these people were not around you supporting you in living your life the way you desire. You do not live without other human beings who, in every minute, are supporting your lifestyle, directly or indirectly. Money does not define these relationships, but our societies are expecting monetary exchanges for goods and services provided.

This is where you must be careful about your perspective on the exchange of money with others. Do you resent giving money to someone who provides a service to you? Do you object to paying the doctor who removes the tumour from your body? The value of what you have received determines how you feel about the monetary exchange, but often people who have not yet created a healthy relationship with money hand it over reluctantly instead of joyously giving money into the flow of the exchange that helps everyone to live in that flow.

If you shift your thoughts about money to seeing it as merely a medium of exchange instead of a defining feature of your worth and your life, you will see that there are many other things whose value is much higher than money. Holding a new baby has nothing to do with money. Seeing someone smile because you helped them has nothing to do with money. Loving a partner can be a spiritual experience and money has nothing to do with that.

This list, too, is tremendously long. Listen to some music and enjoy the gift. Share a smile with a friend. Play a game with a child. Choose to do something that has no money involved in it and see how valuable that can be. Disconnect yourself from worries over the economy or the bank account or the cost of something and allow yourself to enjoy what is not connected to money. Connect with people instead and notice that the web that is woven among people does not have to be based on money.

Let your Light shine.

And, funny thing, money can flow when you aren’t even looking for it.

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THIS WEEK’S MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Sirius Mystery Temple

This message comes from the teachers at The Sirius Mystery Temple who are giving me teachings about the Fifth Dimension of Consciousness.  I am researching the Twelve Dimensions and these teachers are in a dimension around the star Sirius.  This channeled teaching is about the Consciousness of Money.

“Money is an exchange of energy between two parties who have agreed upon its value.  That is it.  Money has no value outside the transaction that establishes its value by the agreement of two parties.  Just as a house has a set value only when two parties contract to exchange the house for money at an agreed-upon amount.

“Those who hoard money do not understand or appreciate that money is intended to be in circulation in a society.  Money is an energy flow and, as such, must be kept flowing.  Because its value is determined by an agreement between humans (or entities) then there must be a flow of energy.  Those who spend more money than they have are also interrupting the flow of energy because the agreed-upon value of a transaction does not have the energy it needs to flow.

“Monetary systems create artificial value that does not have the appropriate energy in it.  This is why they can collapse.

“Those who are working to expand their consciousness must examine their relationship with money.  If they are afraid to spend it then they must examine that fear.  If they spend too much then they must examine why that is so.

“The rules of a Conscious Relationship with Money are as follows:

  1. Do not allow the energy of money to stagnate with you.  Hold onto what you need to feel secure.  Designate different funds with a purpose for the money in them so that a use, an energy, is attached to that fund.
  2. Share money with those who are not conscious enough yet to create wealth for themselves.
  3. Do not owe money to others.  Pay your debts.  Create a spending plan and stick to it as well as you can; i.e., do not overspend.
  4. Do not allow others to take your money from you.  Collect what is owed to you.  Make conscious choices about giving away money.
  5. Share what you have.  Tip generously.  Choose charities wisely and support the causes you believe in.
  6. Examine your beliefs around money, especially the source of those beliefs.  If you are growing in consciousness then what your parents and grandparents believed may no longer be relevant.
  7. It is all right to use money for fun.  It is also all right to save some money.  Make conscious choices about both.

“The Consciousness of Money boils down to this:  Money is Energy.  It needs to flow.  Two people determine the value of money in every transaction.  Money has no intrinsic value.

“It is important, then, not to imbue it with any.  Do not worship at the altar of money.  Rather, see money as part of the flow of energy in the Universe.  Treat it as such.”


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