MUSE-INGS: Step into the Flow

Sometimes I think we’re all striving to achieve something that will allow us to say, ‘I have arrived!’ when what we really want to do is be so in the flow that we are enjoying each moment too much to stop and ‘arrive.’

This is the journey we were born to experience. Every step along the way has the gift of a lesson to be learned, some more gentle than others. But always there is an opportunity to learn. If we resist, if we try to stand our ground in the face of the energy of flow, we spend all of our energy in futile resistance. [Just ask any Trekkie and you will hear, ‘Resistance is futile’!]

It’s easy, though, to move to the two extremes of the concept of ‘being in flow.’

For some, it seems easier to ‘go with the flow’ and relinquish all power to choose the direction of life. For others, there is an urge to constantly resist or try to ignore the energy of the flow, the ‘ostrich syndrome.’ Neither choice makes life the journey of fulfillment that it can be.

When, instead, we choose to determine our Soul Purpose and then to follow the path of fulfilling that purpose, we are participating in the flow of life.

No one’s path is the same as another person’s. This needs to be emphasized, especially when we get into relationships and try to make the relationship move as two people in lockstep trying to move forward as one. Each of us must determine our own path, our own cycle, our own rhythm. And we must take responsibility for taking the actions that keep us in flow with our unique path.

Giving over your power to another person, group, institution, church takes you out of step with your Path of Soul Purpose. Making a conscious choice, however, to join paths with others at certain points along the journey, is your prerogative. But th e choice must be a conscious one, not one in which you allow yourself to step onto someone else’s path because you are not seeking your own. Your Path is Your Path, based on your unique Soul Purpose and Soul Journey.

When your life cycle seems to be at an ebb it is sometimes tempting to allow someone else to take charge of the direction of your path, but this is giving away your power.

Face the direction of your dreams and you will see the Path of Your Soul Purpose unfolding before you. Step onto that path. Have confidence that, when you are moving with the flow of the cycles of your life, you will have everyone around you that you need, all the resources that you need, all the opportunities to learn your lessons.

And if you are unhappy with where you are at the moment, remind yourself that ‘this, too, shall pass’ as the new cycle will begin soon!

Most of the clients I work with as a coach are in some period of transition in their lives, feeling that there must be something more or that there is something that is just beyond their reach. Usually the work is connecting them to their guidance so that they can step out confidently, thinking only about the next step, what is theirs to do in this present moment. This is learning to get into flow.

Focus on the one next step along the Path. Know and recognize the Path of Your Soul Purpose, then follow it.

Go with the flow! But first learn the flow for you!

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