MUSE-INGS: Money: Merely a Medium of Exchange

Money, money, money. How many thoughts a day do you have about money? About making it, spending it, having it, not having it, giving it, taking it, who owes you, to whom you owe money. Kids are willing to do chores to get the money they need to buy their next toy. Spouses fight about how to spend or not spend their money. Businesses agonize over the ledger books and how to increase profits. Family members resent each other because of imbalances in money exchanges. Friends lend money then resent the loan.

The list is almost endless if we move up to situations about money in other levels of society. But, really, what IS money and why do we give it such a high place in our thoughts, relationships and lives?

I believe that we are social beings at our hearts and we really want to coexist with our fellow human beings. Where would any one human be without millions of others around the planet who are acting to support that one human being? Think about that. No one exists in a vacuum devoid of the impact of other human beings.

We just ate dinner in a restaurant. In addition to the servers and hosts, there were busboys and chefs and cooks and dishwashers and bookkeepers, etc. who contributed to our meal. There were farmers who grew the food and farm workers who harvested it and truck drivers who moved it and warehouse workers who stored it. The list is amazingly long and that is the number of human beings involved in supporting our eating one meal out.

Now think about the people involved in bringing to you every item that lives in your home. The food, the dishes, the soap, the furniture, and this list is tremendously long as well. If you go to work outside your home, you travel on roads and/or public transportation provided by other workers. Your home is protected by police officers and firefighters and there are paramedics standing by if you become ill. There is a traffic guard and a school bus driver to get your kids to school.

Imagine what your life would be like if these people were not around you supporting you in living your life the way you desire. You do not live without other human beings who, in every minute, are supporting your lifestyle, directly or indirectly. Money does not define these relationships, but our societies are expecting monetary exchanges for goods and services provided.

This is where you must be careful about your perspective on the exchange of money with others. Do you resent giving money to someone who provides a service to you? Do you object to paying the doctor who removes the tumour from your body? The value of what you have received determines how you feel about the monetary exchange, but often people who have not yet created a healthy relationship with money hand it over reluctantly instead of joyously giving money into the flow of the exchange that helps everyone to live in that flow.

If you shift your thoughts about money to seeing it as merely a medium of exchange instead of a defining feature of your worth and your life, you will see that there are many other things whose value is much higher than money. Holding a new baby has nothing to do with money. Seeing someone smile because you helped them has nothing to do with money. Loving a partner can be a spiritual experience and money has nothing to do with that.

This list, too, is tremendously long. Listen to some music and enjoy the gift. Share a smile with a friend. Play a game with a child. Choose to do something that has no money involved in it and see how valuable that can be. Disconnect yourself from worries over the economy or the bank account or the cost of something and allow yourself to enjoy what is not connected to money. Connect with people instead and notice that the web that is woven among people does not have to be based on money.

Let your Light shine.

And, funny thing, money can flow when you aren’t even looking for it.

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