MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Cycles, Rhythms and YOU!

Cycles. Rhythms. Seasons.

Everything in your world is made of energy and energy has a flow inherent in its properties. Nothing can sit still within the flow.

You can try to stand perfectly still and let the world around you flow by. But you will be resistance in the unfolding of all that is surrounding you and it will take a lot of energy for you to resist flowing with the energies as they move.

Some people try to resist and even to move backward against the current of the flow, but they can be swept away by the tide when it overpowers them.

Flowing with the cycles of energy provides the choice that contains the least resistance, preserving much of your own energy for you to consciously choose to allocate to other endeavors. This does not mean that you give over your own personal power to what is happening around you. Rather you go within yourself to connect to the energy flow that is appropriate to you and your Path of Soul Purpose.

The steps to living within the flow are easy to master. First, you must learn to tap your own inner wisdom for guidance about the direction that is in consonance with your Path of Soul Purpose. Are you clear about your Soul Purpose? Do you know who you were born to be at this time on Planet Earth? When you know the direction that allows you to fulfill your purpose, you have the context from which to evaluate the guidance you receive from your inner wisdom.

Do you know how to access your inner wisdom? Meditation, journaling, guided imagery, hypnosis, and other tools of inner exploration will put you in touch with your own inner wisdom for the guidance that shines a light on your Path. With the information you receive, you are ready to move forward.

After you have received inner guidance about the direction of your path, you must then take action in that direction. It is not enough to know where you are headed. If you don’t put one foot before the other and move, you will be standing in that current resisting the flow. The next step to living within the flow is an actual step.

Step out in the direction you have determined is yours to follow. Move. Take guided action. FEEL the sensation of being in the flow of energy that will carry you forward. Each step brings you closer to allowing the current to carry you so with the steps you take you can relax and allow yourself to be supported on your journey.

The cycles of Life lift you up and sometimes allow you to slow, just as the waves of the ocean come into shore and then recede. When you are flowing with Life you do not resist the periods that are slow – you allow yourself to make the conscious choice to be in that perfect state. Just as the seasons of the year invite you to act differently so that you can stay in alignment with the differing energies of each season, so the cycles of your Life, of the Conscious Life, invite you to make the choices that are most appropriate to the energies within that cycle.

Be active when the guidance suggests that you are active. Be still when the energies invite you to go inside. Move slowly or quickly as you are guided.

The more you practice understanding the energy of your own flow the smoother will be your passage through the cycles, rhythms and seasons of your Life!

And so it is.

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