MUSE-INGS: Clear the Path to Your Richest Life!

Clear the Fear. That might seem like a tall order for us in these turbulent times. But it really is key to living a Conscious Life.

The exercise we’ve been given, to create those lists and examine what is in our Life at the moment, and what is not, can have a profound impact on how we proceed with our Life.

Think about what you have been doing today. What is on your to-do list? Do you have activities that reflect your values and their priorities or are you afraid something will happen if you don’t get your whole to-do list done today? Is today one of the days where you would claim that you are living your richest life because of the choices that you have made? Who are you on your to-be list today? Did you even consider the question, ‘Who am I to BE today?’ when you planned out your time?

Is today your ideal day? Yes? Then congratulations! No? Then ask yourself why you aren’t living your richest life today. Did you answer with the list of ‘musts’ and ‘shoulds’ and ‘have tos’ that most of us consider when planning how to spend our time? And the next question is, ‘Whose agenda am I fulfilling here?’ Oftentimes the answer to that question leads to the source of our fears around how we spend our time. Married couples are often choosing to jump to the tune their partner is playing without pausing to consider if that is what they feel is important to them in the moment. An employee might allow interruption after interruption to occur in their day at work because they are afraid of losing their job. An adult might still be hearing the voice of a parent from long ago directing their activities and their priorities and fear the loss of approval. There are plenty of answers to whose voice might be in one’s head at any given time.

So if today has not yet played out to be your ideal day, then PAUSE, take a breath, and check with your inner guidance about what you really want to be doing with the precious 24 hours we call ‘Today.’ What really feels as if it’s the top priority for you today? If the answer is, ‘self-care,’ then are you willing to take some time for yourself today? If it’s, ‘spend time with the family’ are you willing to move something to tomorrow’s to-do list so that you can relax and connect with your family members? If it’s ‘take time to dream’ are you willing to do that?

This exercise takes some practice to master. We hear the voices or feel the compulsion and we think it is just what we are supposed to do. But really examining the source, being honest with ourselves about our fears [loss of love, loss of approval, loss of job, for example] will help us to become more conscious of what it is that we CAN control in our lives.

If you are living a reactive life, then you have given away some of your power to others or to the circumstances. It can be your limiting beliefs about yourself that keep you jumping to the tune of someone else’s song. I often find that clients I am working with think we need to develop their business plan or work on the design of their workshop, when the first work we have to do is clear the blocks, remove whatever is holding them back from their excellence, so that they can be free to examine new possibilities. The business plan or workshop flows easily when the way is clear of fear.

Clear the limiting beliefs that cause the fears. Remove the distortions that cloud your view of the possibilities for your life. This is the Life YOU are leading. Make sure you are very clear about making this your Richest Life!


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