MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are You Open to New Thought?

Dear Ones,

How do you treat the children in your life?  What is your attitude toward them?  The children with whom you associate are your lifeline to the future of your family, your society and your culture.  Are you planting seeds of greatness in those children or are you trying to make them smaller versions of you, in all your limitations, beliefs and past-focused thinking?

Children are brought into the world to be the way-showers of the succeeding generations.  They are not intended to become younger versions of their parents but many parents attempt to do just that.  How much freedom did your parents give you to grow and to become what you would?  Have you ever longed  for the opportunity to stretch beyond the vision that your parents might have had for you, or for themselves, to see what lies beyond what you could see?

This, then, is the gift that you can give the children in your Life.  Not just the ones that you have born in your body or sired yourself, but also those who are stepchildren, nieces and nephews, neighbors and godchildren, friends, family, children of the world.  Give the gift of a dream to the children who are on Planet Earth today.

If they are your children, what model are you giving them?  Are you continuing to expand your own horizons, continuing to learn and explore new ideas, trying new experiences, meeting new people?  Isn’t this what you would wish for your children to do in their own lives?  You must model this for them.

Do you find yourself always correcting your children, or holding them up to some standard, perhaps the one to which your parents held  you up, and judging them to be somehow deficient because they don’t meet those standards?  Do you feel that you always know what is best for them without allowing them to speak and to discuss their feelings with you?

We ask all of these questions of you because the way that you treat the children in your life demonstrates how you treat the new ideas, creative solutions and novel products or processes that you encounter in your life.  If you treat your children as the teachers that they really are, coming into the world with fresh new ideas about things you considered fixed in concrete, then you can grow through your experience of the world through the eyes of the children.  If, on the other hand, you believe that you have all the answers and they have only questions, then you rob yourself of the delight to be had in seeing through children’s eyes the wonders that are around you.  You cheat yourself of the possibilities for growth t hat are inherent in having young eyes size up a situation with a fresh perspective.  You deny the world the ‘new’ and condemn it to repeat the errors of the past, limiting the thinking of those who might, instead, expand thought into new realms of consciousness.

New ideas are brought to human consciousness with every minute of human existence.  Those who refuse to consider that a new idea has merit doom humanity to live in an unconsciousness that is filled with darkness, with little hope of the Light.  But those who are willing to be led by the children with new ideas, new thoughts, new beliefs are assisting all of humanity in the evolution of consciousness and will find themselves living an expanded life.

Listen to the children.  Suspend your limited thinking and expand what you believe so that you can see a new reality.  This is the excitement of the times.  This is the gift of the children to the adults of th e world.  Step into the wonder with them and let them hold your hand to lead you to more Light.

And so it is.


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