Have you thought about what you think about? Too often, our thoughts crop up into consciousness and we don’t examine their source or their validity. We think that they are true because we have believed them for so long.

But many times we lie to ourselves based on what we used to believe and we don’t even realize that we are doing it!

Have you ever looked in a mirror and criticized your appearance? Have you ever compared yourself or your life to someone else’s and envied them because you believe that they have more/are better/are more beautiful/lucky/loved than you are? Have you ever felt that you are not ‘good enough’?

You have been lying to yourself! But you can decide TODAY to change that.

We humans have the ability to create a reality that exists only in our own head. Does it really matter that someone told you once that you were ugly, probably because they were jealous of how much better looking they thought you were? And you were both 6 years old. But the 6-year-old you that lives in your unconscious mind still hears the word ‘ugly’ and believes it. You are not ugly! If you are reading these words you are a beautiful Light in the world. Smile! Right this minute, no matter where you are or what you are doing, smile. Beautiful! Even if you feel as if you have nothing to smile about, smile because Rosemary asked you to smile, right now, just as you are.

Now LAUGH!!! Feel how good it feels. You DESERVE to laugh, no matter what is going on in your life, no matter where you are, there is something to laugh about. I just looked out the window at a squirrel trying to get into a squirrel-proof bird feeder. Do you think the squirrel thinks that, just because he can’t get any birdseed out of it, there’s something wrong with him, that he’s not ‘good enough’ to be worthy of food? Heck, no! That squirrel goes around the corner of the house, climbs the tree to the non-squirrel-proof bird feeder, hangs upside down, and eats his fill. Only we humans compare ourselves to some mythological standard and find that we don’t measure up.

We can lie to ourselves and not even realize that we are doing it.

So even if things are not going well for you right now in your life, it is not because you are not worthy of great joy, peace, abundance, love. You might be lying to yourself about the definitions of those words, but you are worthy, you are good enough.

Life brings you a lesson to learn in every situation. You did the best you could do with every situation that you have faced up to now. Congratulations! And you will continue to do the best you can with the resources that you have in every situation that you face.

Now that you have completed a lot of lessons in life, isn’t it time to do the personal growth work to ferret out those old thoughts and beliefs that you decided to believe based on something that happened in your childhood? Does it really matter to you that you were picked last for the kickball team? Are you not good enough because Johnny in first grade said something mean to you? If Mary was jealous of your grades in high school she might have criticized your clothes. Are you going to let that guide you when you go shopping for a new outfit today?

You CAN stop lying to yourself when you discover what those insidious lies are! Do the work to uncover them. Find out, from your unconscious mind, what beliefs pop in that have no place in today’s reality and clear them out. They are blocking you from manifesting your magnificence in this amazing 21st Century!

No more lies! You are beautiful, worthy, good enough, amazing and lovable! And if the person in the mirror has trouble believing that, then tell them that, “Rosemary says so, and she doesn’t lie!”



Last January I offered the Possibilities Playshop to create a Playbook for 2014. It was well received and we are all now using our Playbooks for guidance and reflection as the year unfolds.

Soon, just in time for the Summer Solstice, I am again offering the Playshop here in Maryland. It is scheduled for Saturday, June 14 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM. In today’s repeat video I talk about Possibilities:








If you are feeling limited. If you want to expand your horizons. If you want to open up to the possibilities that are out there for you, check out the details: Possibilities Playshop.

PS: Early Bird pricing for this event ends May 31 – act soon! Click Here

Playshop Preview – Richard’s Commentary

This week I am commenting on Rosemary’s video for the week rather than her “Exploration” article. I have several reasons to make this adjustment to the blog.

We are, as I write and as I post, under the influence of the “dying Moon.” What I mean by this is the Moon is nearly conjunct with the Sun in Gemini. We are in that period when the Moon loses her race with the Sun falling farther and farther behind until she falls right into his light. She is exactly conjunct with the Sun at 2:43 PM Eastern time today, Wednesday, May 28, 2014. I know this because I looked it up in my Playbook that I created during Rosemary’s Possibilities Playshop last January.

I follow the Moon cycles very closely. I know the Moon influences me and I need to correlate those influences I feel with the Moon and where she is in her travels. This careful tracking is a way for me to be both grounded in my body and to understand the effects of the Heavenly bodies, the Moon being the closest, on my physical being.

And after I created my Playbook during Rosemary’s January Playshop I now have a tool to help me with my tracking. Here’s how I use my Playbook:

First it is a guide to the Moon cycles. We laid out 13 “moonths” – this is the number of New Moons in a year. The New Moon marks the beginning of each moonth. In the Playbook the New Moons are designated with pages of pictures and words pulled from magazines chosen intuitively and glued onto notebook pages. Other intuitive tools are used to create a “map” to the year. This map then provides a loose guide on what to expect as the year unfolds.

Second it is a journal in which I record key events, feelings, thoughts and how these correlate to the pictures and words mapped out for the year. There is always meaning and this correlation activity provides deep insight into the passing moonth.

Third I record the I Ching Gua I cast for each moonth in the playbook. I have been using the ancient Chinese method of divination, the I Ching, as a means to receive an intuitive understanding of the energies I can expect for each moonth. I cast a six line hexagram just after each new Moon asking the question: “what does this next moonth have in-store for us?” it is always insightful. And now with my Playbook it always correlates in some fun and surprising ways with the pictures and words I chose for the moonth back in January!

Fourth I very much enjoy the surprises planted in the Playbook. This is especially true as I move through the year and get farther away from when I created the Playbook. The “play” involved in the process is becoming much more evident as the year spins out and the “predictive” nature of the Playbook becomes ever more clear. While predicting the future is not the intent of this process it nevertheless does have that quality. The correlations between the words and pictures (and other surprises placed into the book) and events as they unfold each moonth are both exciting and even a little uncanny.

And there is a fifth use for the Playbook: it actually becomes a means to manifest the year. It is similar to a “vision board” but more fun. As in creating a vision board attractive pictures and words are pulled from magazines. But then for the specific moonths the pictures and words are selected blindly, intuitively, from a large envelop. Intention rather than conscious choice guides this process of aligning the pictures/words with the calendar.

Rosemary’s Possibilities Playshop is a fun process, but even more importantly the resulting Playbook becomes a highly useful tool for the next year. We all had such a good and productive time during the January Playshop that Rosemary is offering a mid-year Playshop for those who missed out on the first one.

The next Possibilities Playshop is scheduled for Saturday, June 14, 2014, from 10:00 to 2:00 pm Eastern time. If you are in the Annapolis, MD, Washington, DC area you can attend in person. We are also recording the event so if you can’t attend a video course will be available shortly after the live event.

Rosemary’s website has all the details and a way to register. The early bird pricing for the event ends on May 31. Check it out soon!



My “Four-Minute” Video for this Week: Playshop Preview

PS: You can learn more about the Possibilities Playshop, scheduled for June 14, 2014 here on my website. You can join me from anywhere in the world! 


eagle nebulaWe’re celebrating one of the heralds of the beginning of Summer – Memorial Weekend in the US! This is a time where we honor the war dead of past (and present) wars. This holiday weekend is usually filled with parties and picnics and parades. It is also when neighborhood swimming pools open for the season, people put their boats in the water, and we start thinking about spending more time outdoors. I love this time of year!

There is always an excitement about the possibilities of Summer fun. Beach time, cookouts, gardening. We picked up our first delivery from the CSA we joined months ago. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a great model of investing up front for a promised ROI. We paid for our share during the winter so the farmers raised enough capital to plant their crops. Then, from May through October, we get a weekly box of veggies. It’s like Christmas every Thursday, knowing we’ll have something delicious to eat and not knowing exactly what gifts will be in the box!

What other possibilities have you invested in lately? How about the Possibilities Playshop on June 14?Would you like to have a few hours of fun, in a group of folks exploring possibilities for the rest of 2014, and you’ll leave with your very own Playbook, with lots of ideas and themes and even some surprises for the coming ‘moonths’? We had so much fun creating our Playbooks in January that we’re doing it again for the Summer Solstice! Come join us, either in person in Severna Park, MD or via videoconference. And, if you attended the January Playshop or purchased the DVDs, you can come back AT NO COST! Here are more details:Playshop Link I look forward to se eing you on June 14! Today’s video is a clip from the January Playshop to let you know a bit about what to expect. There will be surprises, too!

We’re starting a new ‘moonth’ on the New Moon that happens Wednesday, May 28, at 2:40 pm Eastern Daylight Time. On that day, the Sun and the Moon will join in the sign of Gemini to focus the energy on the mind and our thoughts. We’re also experiencing a ‘Grand Trine,’ a big triangle in the sky with Jupiter at one point, Saturn at another, and Chiron as the third point. Think of structuring your purpose as a healer (and we are all healers of some kind!) in a new and expanding way as you bring heart and mind together seeking creative expressions of the possibilities you are exploring. This energy will help you to move beyond the learnings/challenges of last month’s Grand Cross!

Everything points to TRANSFORMATION! What possibilities will YOU explore now?

Celebrate Summertime fun! Have an outdoors kind of week. Smile at a stranger! Smile at a friend!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: What’s the ROI for Staying Stuck?

This is a good question to ask yourself when you feel stuck in some area of your life and confused or unsure of the next step for you to take. Staying stuck IS an investment that you make, every day, until you decide to take some action to get unstuck and to move forward.

Every marketing seminar that you take will have you look at the Return on Investment (ROI) for various choices that lie in front of you. You’ll then be guided to take the road with the greatest ROI. But most of the time, when someone is using this term, they are actually measuring money. Is that really the only commodity that matters, though?

Think about your work or your job in terms of the hours that you are investing in it. Look at your time on the job as well as your commute time or the time outside of work when you are thinking/worrying about work. Are you focused on living your Life Purpose? Are you giving to others only the hours and energy that you have left over after your working hours? Are you being compensated for your real measure of your contribution to work?

If you’re working 40 hours a week and commuting one hour each way and all you are left with monetarily is enough money to pay for child care, then maybe there is not a good enough ROI for you and your lifestyle. Maybe there is, but don’t you want to assess that so that you are making a conscious choice to spend your hours and energy that way?

If you are in a relationship that does not support your personal, spiritual, mental and emotional growth, why are you staying in that relationship? Sometimes there are other benefits or payoffs but, if you are living a conscious life, it’s important that you be honest with yourself about all of your relationships. You don’t have to measure tit for tat, give and get in equal measure, but if you are investing in a relationship that does not help you to live your Life Purpose, then examine your reasons for staying.

You can make a conscious choice about every investment that you make – financial, emotional, mental, spiritual. What thoughts are you investing your time in considering? Do you tend to worry, investing time and energy in focusing on what you do not want to have happen in your life? Do you realize that there is a huge ROI on investing in these thoughts? You attract that which you energize. Why invest here??!

Examine your thoughts throughout the day. Catch yourself investing that energy where the ROI is not what you want to receive in your life! Then turn your thoughts onto the investment in what you DO want to receive.

Have you examined your limiting beliefs, the ideas you might have embraced as a child that no long apply but that your unconscious mind holds onto and brings up whenever it serves you as it has in the past? Were you told that you are ‘not good enough’? Were you picked last for the sports team and so started to believe that you are not good at doing sports? Did you have a teacher or classmates who belittled you so that you became afraid to speak your truth? There can be insidious beliefs that you are investing in by allowing them to continue unexplored and unchecked. They bring an ROI of unwanted behaviors!

Become conscious in your life. What choices are you making? Do those choices support you in living your Life Purpose? Are you free to explore new possibilities so that you can choose to invest in something that brings with it the positive ROI that you seek? Are you investing in staying stuck and losing out on investments that you would rather choose, those with the ROI that you seek?

Do the work. Your personal growth work is the best investment you can make in yourself and your life. The ROI is tremendous – Joy, Peace, Harmony, Happiness, and, yes, even Prosperity and Abundance!

Choose your investments wisely!

THROWBACK THURSDAY VIDEO: The Daily Muse-Live Your Message

We have been asking questions over the last few weeks:

What is your “Big Why”?

What is your “Message”?

Who do you serve?

Here’s a throwback to ask the question a different way:








Find your message inside, then live your message!


Who is Your WHO? – Richard’s Commentary

Rosemary’s question this week is:

WHO is it that you are serving?

My first reaction to this question is to think about my Qigong students; they are my clients and I do feel that I am serving them when we are in class together, when I am leading them through a form, focusing on breath, gathering and storing Qi for health, well-being, and peace. The beauty of my “who” is I am serving myself as well. I am doing the research into Taoism, the basis for the effectiveness of Qigong. I am going through the form with my students, leading myself to health, well-being and peace. And I am working with the forms on my own as well, practicing the forms every day. I continue my research and reading on the subject to go deeper so I can take my students deeper.

In response to Rosemary’s statement:

If you don’t take care of your own health, no one else can do it. You know this. You accept this. But what about your spiritual and psychological health? Your emotional health? Your mental health? Are you serving yourself by taking care of yourself in those areas?

I can feel pretty good, right? Qigong covers all these aspects of my life. Qigong contributes to my health. And the study of Taoism supports my spiritual and psychological health. Reflection on the Five Elements, the basis for Traditional Chinese Medicine, helps me work through my emotional and mental issues. Through all these levels I am serving my students and I am serving myself at the same time!

If only it were that simple!

Everything I’ve written above is true. And Qigong does help my students and me work through issues. But what about others I serve?

What about Rosemary? She is my client as well. I support her business,, through managing the technology to operate the business, handling the finances, and helping her with the messaging and marketing of her services. How am I doing with that?

Here I can’t be quite as glib with my answers! Sometimes I grow impatient that Rosemary doesn’t work to my schedule! Whose business is this? Sometimes I get frustrated with the procrastination. But I am a great procrastinator! And too often I get bogged down with the technology rather than focusing on what drives the business – Rosemary’s talent!

So, I need to take Rosemary’s advice here:

My work is to build a relationship in which I support them.

My work with Rosemary is to create the best possible business relationship we can have in order to best serve her, as my client!

And I need to do this analysis for all of my relationships. Everyone is a “client” of everyone else. It is important to nurture client relationships and it is vital to nurture all of our inter-relationships.

Who are your clients? Are you nurturing them? Are you nurturing every relationship with others as if they were your client? Are you nurturing the relationship with yourself?

What a world it would be if this were the case!



My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: Who Do You Serve?

PS: Do you know who you are here to serve? Do you serve yourself first? I am offering a very special “spring cleaning” opportunity to help you answer these questions: What’s your big why? What is your message? Who do you serve? This offer is only available through May. Please send me an email; let’s explore:


Abell 520It’s the middle of May, we just had a Full Moon, and now the Sun is going into Gemini and the temperature is rising. It feels as if Summer is coming and it’s good to be outside in Nature. (Did you see that gorgeous Moon?)

In the coming week the Sun moves out of the sign of Taurus, the Bull, and into the sign of Gemini, the Twins (on Tuesday, May 20 at 10:59 pmEastern Daylight Time). Taurus has been very earthy and solid, inviting us to appreciate beauty and groundedness and the simple life – think Ferdinand the Bull. Gemini is mental and asks us to think, to be curious and inquisitive. Sometimes in the Gemini energy we can struggle with decisions because we seem to be ‘of two minds’ – like twins, so learn to focus the energy where you feel it is important to focus, not just on what you think you ‘should’ do. Heart and Mind together help to ground the Gemini energy.

Are you ready to think about the rest of the year? Are you ready to explore the possibilities that lie ahead for you? Are you ready for some Gemini FUN?!!! At the Possibilities Playshop on June 14 you can explore, create, clear blocks, laugh, plan, get guidance and get ready to have an AMAZING rest of the year! When we did the January Possibilities Playshop we had a lot of laughs and some great ‘ahas.’ At this Playshop you will also create your very own Playbook as you learn to let your Intuition and Inner Guides help you to plan the coming months. You’ll learn about the Moon and her cycles and how to use Moon energy to help you grow over the ‘moonths’ (from New Moon to New Moon). AND if you attended the previous Playshop or purchased it on DVD, then you can join us in June AT NO COST!!! Those of us who have been using our Playbooks have been surprised at how right on target it is. We created a tool to support journaling, meditating, planning, tracking, capturing ideas.

Check out the Possibilities Playshop HERE and email any questions you have to Early bird investment ends soon so reserve your spot. You can attend in person in Severna Park, Maryland or join the video conference from wherever you are. Looking forward to playing with you on Saturday, June 14!

If you’d like to tune into your guidance in a personal session or learn more about your Life Purpose before the Playshop, the Spring Special is still in effect so request a Reading by Rosemary by the end of May to take advantage of this. Send an email to

After all the transformation energy that has been bombarding us, I hope that things are settling down for you at a new level with excitement and wonder about the next step. I’m seeing this with my clients and it’s thrilling! Remember that it takes more energy to resist change than to go with the flow!

Have a Sunny week!