hour-glass nebHappy New Moon last Friday! Did you feel that old Moon energy leading up to the New Moon? I did, but I had a great Zero Balancing Session that got me through the old energy and the New Moon was exact at 4:10 am Eastern Daylight Time today, Friday, June 27.

How do you celebrate the New Moons? At last weekend’s Possibilities Playshop, we talked about different ways to do a ritual to invite something new into our lives at the time of the New Moon. It could be as simple as having a candle for the New Moon and a different one for the Full Moon each ‘moonth.’ When you have created your Playbook, you’ll have lots of info ready for each part of the Moon’s cycle. We had a great deal of fun at the Playshop. Hope you can join us for one in the future!

Remember that Mercury is retrograde, which means communications can get fouled up and everybody can be distracted and unfocused, until tomorrow, Tuesday, July 1 at 8:50 am Eastern Time. I have heard a lot of people referencing this this time. Is it affecting you? Hang in there for another day! And drive defensively!

Summer is officially here in Maryland and I am enjoying getting vitamin D as often as I can – naturally, from the Sun. I feel so energized after a few minutes in the Sun, and I know my mood is lifted by sunshine. I also believe that Summer is a great time for self-care. The Sun has entered the sign of Cancer (that happened at the Summer Solstice on June 21) and Cancer’s key words are, ‘I FEEL.’ Pay attention to yourself and your feelings this Summer. What personal growth work do you need to do? What healing work? How can you best take care of YOURSELF this Summer?

My guides are telling me that I need to continue to offer the Deep Healing Sessions over the Summer.These are 60-90 minute sessions where I do an energy healing for you and combine that with some guidance for you from my guides and yours. These can be done in person in Severna Park, Maryland or at a distance. If you are ready to take a quantum leap in your growth, in any area – physical, emotional, block-clearing, relationship, business/career, money, spiritual – then this Session is perfect for you. Send me a personal email so that we can explore if this is the right thing for you today.

Enjoy the Sunshine and the Summer! And to my Australian friends, stay warm! (Welcome to the US to the friends who are making the move to enjoy 2 Summers this year!)

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Problems? Be a Solver!

A message from Divine Mother Mary:

“The lessons of Life are not sought; they appear in every experience. One only has to be open to them, be ever in a receptive state, to receive the lessons being presented in any given moment and in any given situation.

When a human being stops learning, they cease to grow and they stagnate in their own foggy energy. It becomes more and more difficult for the Light to penetrate the fog.

When a person believes that they cannot change, their own energy field becomes stagnant and dis-ease follows to prove that they CAN change – their state of health.

People do not realize that their very thoughts can create the dis-ease in their body. Energy can stagnate, get stuck, in places in the body where pain can build and disharmony of tissues can arise. They CAN change.

When people seek solutions to problems, answers to questions, they do not realize that they are seeking help in making a change in their life. They want something outside themselves to change without changing anything in their interior life, and they want that one thing in their life to change without their having to change anything else in their life.

Problems are not solved in this way.

One must seek a solution to a problem by asking this question FIRST:
“WHO do I need to BE in order that this problem be solved?”

This is key to being a problem solver.
“WHO do I need to BE in order that _________________ happen?”

When a person works with this question FIRST, the road to the solution becomes evident.

One can always change oneself. All change arises from within the Self. The oft-quoted guidance to ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’ attests to this.

But people often see external causes, situations and other people as needing to change while not understanding the energetics of change.

The reason one must ‘Be The Change’ is to raise the vibrational frequency of a situation. If you are the vibrational frequency of the state desired, you emanate, you broadcast that frequency into the world around you. The more you spread that vibration around, the stronger YOUR EMANATION of that frequency, the more power you exert as an influence to change the vibrations around you.

This is true no matter how small or how large the situation is. This is why such a small percentage of a population can influence the energy of a city or region.

This is also true whether the energy being emanated is having the effect of raising the vibrational frequency or lowering it. Each person has a responsibility to all those around them to focus on emanating an uplifting vibratory frequency. Would you really want to take responsibility for all the effects on those around you when you broadcast a lowering vibration? If it only takes a small percentage of the population to have an influence, do you really want to join with those who are lowering the frequency level, even depressing it, of all the surroundings?

There is also karma attached to the broadcasting of energy. Be very conscious about the energy that you emanate because the world is a mirror reflecting that energy back to you, magnified! Choose the energy you wish to receive by choosing the energy wisely that you send out.

YOU have control over your own energy vibrational level. YOU can change this. By choosing consciously the energy that you put out into the world, you choose the changes you see in yourself, in your own life, and in the world around you.

Be the change you seek.”

Mother Mary via



The theme of the week, after a successful Possibilities Playshop I held last Saturday, is to tap into your dreams, your visions. This is a way to tap into your Inner Guidance. Here is a video from a couple of years ago that addresses the importance of trusting our inner guidance. Enjoy this replay!

Rosemary’s 2 Minute Video: Your Inner Guidance


Dream-Makers or Dream-Takers? – Richard’s Commentary

This past Saturday Rosemary offered a Possibilities Playshop to celebrate the Summer Solstice. And once again we all had a wonderful time exploring Possibilities. In a way this Playshop is like exploring our dreams, or exploring what our unconscious mind would like us to be doing! It is a “dream-maker” for us.

And during the Playshop we do use our unconscious minds, our intuitive minds to create a Playbook that we can use to guide us along our dream-paths. Rosemary’s process is very effective in getting our egos and our conscious thinking minds out of the way for a short while in order to get in touch with our dreams. She invites participants, after several exercises to quiet the ego, to make “bodacious wishes” for ourselves. Wishes are then planted on our timelines, set as goals or destinations out ahead so we can move along toward wish fulfillment, that place where we can live our dreams!

In short Rosemary, through her guidance during the Playshop, facilitates our dream-makers and we then capture those dreams and build roadmaps toward fulfilling them.

It is a lot of fun to participate in this Playshop in a group. We all support each other in the process, commenting on how the Playbooks come together, the meanings or interpretations of various components as they are added to the books. We come together as a support group and can then help one another through the months as our dreams unfold. Our intention is to come together again around the Winter Solstice to extend our Playbooks, add to our dream timelines and continue the support. It is good to have others supporting our dreams. As Rosemary wrote in her post:

There will be people who want to be your champions, your cheerleaders and who want to help you make your dreams come true. There are others who, for whatever reason, don’t want that. Choose consciously those you allow to surround you. Dream-Makers or Dream-Takers?

All the participants in our Playshop group are my champions. That feels good!

I don’t share my dreams with just anyone. Often they are “bodacious.” And I don’t need anyone to tell me how improbable they might be! No dream-takers for me! The fact is I am enough of a dream-taker for myself.

I think this might be true for a lot of us. We can often be very effective in sabotaging ourselves and derailing on the path toward dream fulfillment. After the Playshop it is back to “reality.” Our egos kick back in. We start questioning. We begin procrastinating. We get wrapped up in the routine of living. We start making excuses, choosing an interruption or a side-track to re-route us around the dream. Yes, I am my own biggest dream-taker.

The solution? Rosemary’s sums it up nicely:

Own your vision. It comes from connecting to your Purpose, to your Soul Mission on Earth. Continue to Dream Big and the support you desire will show up. Stay committed no matter what or who around you tries to take that dream away.

Choose and commit! Then surround yourself with support for your dreams, your dream-makers!

Stay courageous. Move in the direction of your dreams, no matter what. If you look around you now and can’t find friends to support you, seek out new friends. Find those who uplift others and hang out with them. Speak to loved ones and share that you want their support as you go ahead to pursue your dreams.


ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: Who are the Dream-Makers in Your Life?

My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: Who are the Dream-Makers in Your Life?


MasterpieceSo how is this Mercury Retrograde going for you? It’s a big one! When Mercury appears to go backward in the sky (approximately 3 times a year for about 3 weeks each time) things seem to go backward on Earth, too! Printer problems, technology upsets, forgetfulness (oh, yes!) and communications foul-ups. Please be careful! Others who don’t know about these periods can be distracted, especially when driving, so drive defensively, and re-read everything before you send it.

This IS, though, a great time to retreat and do some inner work. Powerful things can come up for processing – in journaling, meditating, coaching work. This can also be a very creative time, so give yourself the gift of time to be your most creative self.

This Saturday, June 21 at 6:51 am Eastern Daylight Time, was the Summer Solstice, when the Sun entered the sign of Cancer and we in the Northern Hemisphere experience the longest day of the year – woo hoo! We welcome Light into our lives. We are reminded that we ARE the Light in the world and it is our work to shine that Light as brightly as we can.

My Dad used to joke that the pessimist sees this day as ‘the days are getting shorter’ day. I celebrate the maximum amount of daylight for as long as I can!

I also find this a great time to shed light on the darkest corners inside ourselves that we hide out from the rest of the year. Have you ever noticed that somehow it seems better to face your fears and clear your blocks when the days give you more sunlight and warmth? I am finding that the clients who are willing to do the deep work now are getting great clarity and support and they feel energized to go out to be their best self in the world of the Light. The insights that are coming in just one session can be very powerful. That’s why I’m still offering the Spring Special so that you can get that kick-start session to explore a question or an issue and get the guidance you need to bring more Light into your life.

SPECIAL OFFERPrivate Session with Rosemary for a reading to help you connect you to some answers and leap forward. I don’t usually offer a session at this low investment but I want to help you clear the blocks that have been holding you back from your Big Dream. For a limited time only, there are some sessions available for just $150! Sign up now to claim your spot!  You’ll be amazed at how much information and guidance can come through in just this one session!

The New Moon is coming on Friday, June 27 so spend some time this week clearing out the old ‘junk’ – from your house, your closets, and the closets of your mind. What did you used to believe that no longer fits who you are today? Identify, clear and choose to believe something new & true! (THIS is why it’s such a good time to do a one-on-one session now!)

Enjoy the beginning of Summer. Get ready to SOAR and make those Big Dreams come true!

Have a Light-Filled week!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Dream-Makers or Dream-Takers?

We all have dreams, visions, plans, goals. Some of them we voice to others and some we keep close to our hearts without sharing, but we all have them.

Have you ever shared a dream with someone and then felt as if all the air was sucked out of you when they reacted with a comment like, ‘You can’t do that!’ or ‘That’s impossible!’? We shut down and believe that they know something true about our dream and we move away from it.

Or sometimes we get rebellious and think, ‘I’ll show you! I’ll make it happen.’ And we get caught up in showing them and lose the ‘juice’ of doing it for ourselves.

Think of a dream that you have, maybe even something that might seem impossible but that feels like a dream, a vision of you that you are seeking. Really feel it in your body, in your energy field. Feel how it will feel when it becomes a reality. Ramp up the feeling and smile. It feels so good.

Now remember that feeling and invite anyone with whom you share that dream to share in that feeling. Don’t let anyone deflate you! Don’t let anyone try to steal your dream or say that you can’t do that. Don’t let anyone try to take your dream away from you.

There will be people who want to be your champions, your cheerleaders and who want to help you make your dreams come true. There are others who, for whatever reason, don’t want that. Choose consciously those you allow to surround you. Dream-Makers or Dream-Takers?

This is not about judging others and deeming them lacking or bad. This is about YOU and your choices in life. YOU choose the folks you spend your time and energy inviting into your energy field. YOU choose what you share and what you keep inside. Choose to be with the people who support you, no matter what. Choose to surround yourself with people who will challenge you to grow into the big vision that you have for yourself and your life. Choose to let the others live their lives without trying to influence yours.

The Dream-Takers are probably not being malicious or mean. They are just stuck in their own ‘stuff’ and can’t accept that you choose to dream big, to reach for something beyond what they can see. Their choices aren’t yours. And they are probably operating out of a fear that they then try to project onto you.

Stay courageous. Move in the direction of your dreams, no matter what. If you look around you now and can’t find friends to support you, seek out new friends. Find those who uplift others and hang out with them. Speak to loved ones and share that you want their support as you go ahead to pursue your dreams.

Own your vision. It comes from connecting to your Purpose, to your Soul Mission on Earth. Continue to Dream Big and the support you desire will show up. Stay committed no matter what or who around you tries to take that dream away.

Surround yourself with Dream-Makers! And be one yourself!


This video from the archives seems to fit this week’s theme of “hiding under an umbrella.” This time it’s about waiting for a rainy day; holding yourself back for “someday.” Get out from under that umbrella; today’s the day!

Rosemary’s 2 Minute Video: Are You Holding Yourself Back:



What’s Your Umbrella? – Richard’s Commentary

My “umbrella” has always been work. When I was in the corporate world I worked hard. I traveled a lot. I had responsibilities. I shouldered them well. As I look back on those 40 years I realize that I was often running away from the lessons, the real part of life I needed to learn.

Oh, sure, I needed to earn a living, keep the family secure, move ahead, up the corporate ladder – that’s what we do, right? But at what expense? How many of us escape into our work with these very rational motivations and miss why we are here in the first place, miss our real purpose?

I am retired now, still working hard, enjoying the work a great deal more and, yes, sometimes I still continue to use work as my umbrella. Why? Rosemary hits on one of the reasons:

All you have is NOW. The lessons don’t go away. The Universe wants you to have that success, satisfaction and fulfillment and puts lessons on your path so that you can clear the blocks and achieve your dreams. Why delay that?

It’s usually fear. But the rewards of doing the work, of learning the lessons, are so much greater than the pain of getting there that it’s worth it to start now.

Yes, it’s usually fear. I wrote about this in a post just last Friday, the 13th when I commented on the blocks we face:

I think the main one is fear – fear of letting go completely and relaxing into full awareness.

I believe my main purpose in this life is to become fully aware, to become enlightened. This is not an ego thing; I believe this is the main purpose of every human on the planet. I, at least on some unconscious level, have known this for a long time. And I have escaped from this, from the lessons that would bring me closer to enlightenment, and worked on all the other things humans do: job, family, earning corporate merits, duty, …

But the Universe wants me to have that “success, satisfaction and fulfillment…” The Universe wants us to become enlightened! The lessons are all there, strewn in our path to bring us into the light.

The ego doesn’t get this. The ego would rather escape into work and feed itself with the rewards of a job well done. So the Universe continues to offer the lessons. And I am beginning to listen. Sometimes the lessons are loud; we can only miss them if we continue to distract ourselves with our umbrellas. Sometimes the lessons are whispers. I’m learning to listen more closely.

I’m following the advice I wrote for myself in the June 13 post (link). And I am ready to “happily dance in the rain!”


ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: What is Your Umbrella?

My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: What is Your Umbrella?