Have you thought about what you think about? Too often, our thoughts crop up into consciousness and we don’t examine their source or their validity. We think that they are true because we have believed them for so long.

But many times we lie to ourselves based on what we used to believe and we don’t even realize that we are doing it!

Have you ever looked in a mirror and criticized your appearance? Have you ever compared yourself or your life to someone else’s and envied them because you believe that they have more/are better/are more beautiful/lucky/loved than you are? Have you ever felt that you are not ‘good enough’?

You have been lying to yourself! But you can decide TODAY to change that.

We humans have the ability to create a reality that exists only in our own head. Does it really matter that someone told you once that you were ugly, probably because they were jealous of how much better looking they thought you were? And you were both 6 years old. But the 6-year-old you that lives in your unconscious mind still hears the word ‘ugly’ and believes it. You are not ugly! If you are reading these words you are a beautiful Light in the world. Smile! Right this minute, no matter where you are or what you are doing, smile. Beautiful! Even if you feel as if you have nothing to smile about, smile because Rosemary asked you to smile, right now, just as you are.

Now LAUGH!!! Feel how good it feels. You DESERVE to laugh, no matter what is going on in your life, no matter where you are, there is something to laugh about. I just looked out the window at a squirrel trying to get into a squirrel-proof bird feeder. Do you think the squirrel thinks that, just because he can’t get any birdseed out of it, there’s something wrong with him, that he’s not ‘good enough’ to be worthy of food? Heck, no! That squirrel goes around the corner of the house, climbs the tree to the non-squirrel-proof bird feeder, hangs upside down, and eats his fill. Only we humans compare ourselves to some mythological standard and find that we don’t measure up.

We can lie to ourselves and not even realize that we are doing it.

So even if things are not going well for you right now in your life, it is not because you are not worthy of great joy, peace, abundance, love. You might be lying to yourself about the definitions of those words, but you are worthy, you are good enough.

Life brings you a lesson to learn in every situation. You did the best you could do with every situation that you have faced up to now. Congratulations! And you will continue to do the best you can with the resources that you have in every situation that you face.

Now that you have completed a lot of lessons in life, isn’t it time to do the personal growth work to ferret out those old thoughts and beliefs that you decided to believe based on something that happened in your childhood? Does it really matter to you that you were picked last for the kickball team? Are you not good enough because Johnny in first grade said something mean to you? If Mary was jealous of your grades in high school she might have criticized your clothes. Are you going to let that guide you when you go shopping for a new outfit today?

You CAN stop lying to yourself when you discover what those insidious lies are! Do the work to uncover them. Find out, from your unconscious mind, what beliefs pop in that have no place in today’s reality and clear them out. They are blocking you from manifesting your magnificence in this amazing 21st Century!

No more lies! You are beautiful, worthy, good enough, amazing and lovable! And if the person in the mirror has trouble believing that, then tell them that, “Rosemary says so, and she doesn’t lie!”


One Response to “ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: You Are Being Lied To!”

  1. thenewsageblog Says:

    Thanks for your beautiful and empowering message, Rosemary! With best wishes, Meliza x

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