eagle nebulaWe’re celebrating one of the heralds of the beginning of Summer – Memorial Weekend in the US! This is a time where we honor the war dead of past (and present) wars. This holiday weekend is usually filled with parties and picnics and parades. It is also when neighborhood swimming pools open for the season, people put their boats in the water, and we start thinking about spending more time outdoors. I love this time of year!

There is always an excitement about the possibilities of Summer fun. Beach time, cookouts, gardening. We picked up our first delivery from the CSA we joined months ago. Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a great model of investing up front for a promised ROI. We paid for our share during the winter so the farmers raised enough capital to plant their crops. Then, from May through October, we get a weekly box of veggies. It’s like Christmas every Thursday, knowing we’ll have something delicious to eat and not knowing exactly what gifts will be in the box!

What other possibilities have you invested in lately? How about the Possibilities Playshop on June 14?Would you like to have a few hours of fun, in a group of folks exploring possibilities for the rest of 2014, and you’ll leave with your very own Playbook, with lots of ideas and themes and even some surprises for the coming ‘moonths’? We had so much fun creating our Playbooks in January that we’re doing it again for the Summer Solstice! Come join us, either in person in Severna Park, MD or via videoconference. And, if you attended the January Playshop or purchased the DVDs, you can come back AT NO COST! Here are more details:Playshop Link I look forward to se eing you on June 14! Today’s video is a clip from the January Playshop to let you know a bit about what to expect. There will be surprises, too!

We’re starting a new ‘moonth’ on the New Moon that happens Wednesday, May 28, at 2:40 pm Eastern Daylight Time. On that day, the Sun and the Moon will join in the sign of Gemini to focus the energy on the mind and our thoughts. We’re also experiencing a ‘Grand Trine,’ a big triangle in the sky with Jupiter at one point, Saturn at another, and Chiron as the third point. Think of structuring your purpose as a healer (and we are all healers of some kind!) in a new and expanding way as you bring heart and mind together seeking creative expressions of the possibilities you are exploring. This energy will help you to move beyond the learnings/challenges of last month’s Grand Cross!

Everything points to TRANSFORMATION! What possibilities will YOU explore now?

Celebrate Summertime fun! Have an outdoors kind of week. Smile at a stranger! Smile at a friend!


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