MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are You Feeling Stuck in the Darkness?

Dear Ones,

We wish to speak to you today of reaching into your heart to find the Light Within.

There is too much darkness in the world today and the dark thoughts of economic issues, wars, division, uprisings and fear of the future are fueling the growth of this darkness.  There must be a shift to thoughts of Light.  Each individual is personally responsible for bringing about this shift — first, within the self and then into the outer world.

Many people do not have any idea about how to create the shift from darkness to Light so those that do know how to do this must become teachers for the others.  The best way to teach this is to model this in your own Life.

Do you catch yourself grabbing onto and holding thoughts of doom and gloom or darkness and fear?  Do you find it difficult to make the shift to thoughts of hope and optimism and dreams and visions of Light?

Here is a technique to use when you find yourself stuck in ‘dark thinking.’

First, become clear that the darkness is in your mind because you have attached meaning to a thought or belief that has a low vibration to it.  Your mind has become fixated on that thought and has generated darkness at that low vibration in all your cells for the mind exists in every cell of your body.  Then you must give yourself another thought of a higher vibration — of Light, positive energy, Love.

Now we realize that when things seem to be at their darkest it might seem too difficult to find a thought of a higher vibration.  This is why you must first understand that the darkness is the RESULT of your attaching yourself to a low-vibration thought, idea or feeling.  The thoughts, ideas and feelings might arise of their own accord or be planted in your consciousness by outside forces (such as the media or negative-thinking people).  But you have the power to decide whether you will attach yourself to these low vibrations or you will find a higher vibration to which you can lift yourself.

When you decide to lift your vibration, you can use visualization to imagine that you are washed in a higher vibration Light that permeates your cells and that does, indeed, lift your vibrational frequency.  For some, the use of a golden-colored Light works best.  Others use their intuition to choose the color that they need in the moment and visualize that color flowing into and through them to lift their vibration.

There is a new energy center developing in conscious human beings between the heart center and the throat center.  This is the Heart-Mind Center and its color is a beautiful clear blue-green like the tropical seas.  Visualize this color throughout your body so that you can use your Heart-Mind to shift into a new way of thinking, a new consciousness.

This is the vibration of the changes in consciousness with the 2012 shift.  Claim this for yourself by bringing your personal vibrational level up to the frequency of this blue-green.

Feel how good the Light of Hope, Peace, Joy feels as it banishes the darkness.

And so it is.


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