MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Are You Tribal?

Dear Ones,

In ancient times people were not confused about who was in their tribe.  There were clear delineations between groups based usually on geography but often on attributes.  Tribal connections run deep in the human memory.  So who is your 21st Century Tribe?

Do you know who is your Tribe?  Do you immediately think of your nuclear family or the family of blood relatives?  These people might be a part of one of your tribes but you have many tribes of which you are a member.  Because people are so mobile at this time in history people are banding together to create tribes based on many myriad factors.

One tribe might gather around a certain kind of music.  Another around parenting children of a similar age or circumstance.  In many workplaces the coworkers have created a tribal feeling with each other.  Some neighborhoods have created tribes.  And international tribes are not uncommon with the ease of travel among many nations and even continents.

You might wonder why it is important to define a tribe.

At this time in your Planet’s history people need to band together with like-minded individuals so that they can support each other through the coming changes.  No longer will geography or blood determine the connections but it will be like thought and the energy of community support that will cause people to band together in a tribe.  Those who are on a path of personal growth will need to find others to connect with for support on the journey.  Those who have reached higher levels of consciousness will be seeking others at that level or above to join in the search for even greater awareness. People will not be able to stay connected with others who hold them back from or don’t support them in their spiritual growth.

It is time for every individual to examine what they believe and to determine the source of that belief.  If it is generational, as in handed down in their family from a generation of a past age, then it might be time to discard or dismiss the belief.  If it was generated in your childhood then you must reexamine that belief in the context of what you know now in your adult life.  If you are blindly following what someone else has told you is true then you must pause and examine that belief – is it really true for you at this time?

The Tribe that comes together around a commonality of ideas and beliefs will have similar vibratory frequency signatures.  This is the definition of ‘community compatibility.’  When someone of much lower or much higher vibration attempts to join this Tribe, the frequencies will be too far apart for everyone to feel comfortable and there can be discord.

Take it upon yourself to find your Tribe now.  Who is reaching as you are for expanded awareness?  Who around you is limiting themselves by thinking small-mindedly and refusing to grow?  With whom do you feel the most support and can you support them in their personal growth?

Who lights up your heart when you are with them?  Create a Tribe if you must, or join one that resonates with you.  It is important to belong to a community and this is the best criteria for determining that community.

And so it is.


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