Today’s ezine is coming to you from warm Phoenix again.  I am attending the MPC Platinum Retreat with Ali Brown and James Roche and my Platinum Tribe.  What wonderful entrepreneurs I have met through this gathering of people!  My gracious host, Grace Heer, in Santa Ana, California is one of the folks in my tribe and we continue to be friends beyond the business connection in this Club.

Last week I was with my Baeth Davis Tribe at the Gifted Event in Phoenix and I got to share some time at David Neagle’s event in LA this week with some of those tribe members.  It’s good to have a Tribe and even better to have Tribes!  I do feel supported.

As I move up the West Coast of the US in coming weeks I will be visiting with members of my various Tribes.  I am looking forward to spending time catching up with some I haven’t seen in a while and to deepening some newer connections.  If you live in or near the cities I’m visiting I do hope we can connect for a coffee or one of my events while I’m in your area.  Please keep checking the calendar as new events are being added often.

The recent Conversations with The Other Side have had some amazing messages coming through.  Since people are asking to host a Conversation but their guests are not all in the same area, we will be offering this event as a video conference where guests and attendees can see me and the others through the magic of the internet.  Please let me know if you’d like to host an online Conversation with The Other Side so that you and your friends can receive guidance from your angel or guide or loved one who has crossed over.  A powerful event!  The first online Conversation will be hosted in Australia!

Happy Autumnal Equinox!  On this day of equal light/dark we are reminded to seek balance in our lives.  What can you do today that will help you to bring more balance into your life?  And how can you get ready for the coming season? [To our friends Down Under congratulations on breaking free of the bonds of Winter so that you can enjoy the Spring of new birth!]  Here in the Northern Hemisphere we must all be like the squirrels, gathering nuts and storing them away for the coming cold days.  I am looking forward to releasing our house in Colorado to its new owners and to moving our lives over to Maryland where most of the family lives.  What big shifts are you preparing for?


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