MUSE-INGS: Create Your Tribe!

In Western culture we don’t often use the word ‘tribe’ to describe a group of people.  We talk about ‘community’ or ‘social group’ or some other collection of individuals, but maybe we should start saying ‘tribe.’  For don’t we all need a sense of belonging to some group or groups?

When is the last time that you made a new friend?  Do you always hang out with the people that you’ve known since high school even though they sometimes embarrass you or don’t understand you or even mock or make fun of you?  Have you ever looked around your ‘group’ and wondered if there were any member with whom you could share your innermost thoughts, your desires, your wishes and hopes for the future?  Maybe it’s time for you to examine who your tribe really is.

I’ve been attending seminars and retreats lately with different teachers/mentors and I’m finding that I like the overlap of my tribe members at these gatherings.  We’re all seekers and we seem to be sharing the journey by studying with the same teachers.  It’s a nice feeling to be able to know that these folks understand my language, that they are asking themselves the same questions I am asking myself.  We have created a history together over time and we support each other in our successes and our trials.  We know healthy boundaries and we respect each other’s but we also know how to support and bolster and share suggestions that honor and respect the other.  The tribe knows how to work together while supporting individual choices and processes.

I was recently introduced to an amazing lady in California.  Margie is 91 years old and retired last year after working in the same place for 23 years.  That means she started there at age 67!  Her husband died a long time ago and she lives in a beautiful house on the ocean.  She told me about a neighbor who became ill with cancer and during her 2-year illness the whole neighborhood joined together to support the family.  The woman died at the end of the 2 years but the neighborhood has remained a close community of folks since that experience.  Margie honored the woman’s memory by continuing to be a part of the ‘tribe’ that she had created.

Where in your life is there the possibility of creating a tribe?  Is there a group of which you are already a member that you might start thinking about as a tribe?  And, conversely, is there a group that you have joined that no longer resonates with the person you are on your personal and spiritual journey?  Why are you staying in that group?  Are they really your tribe?

I think a tribe begins with just 2 people of like mind.  It is fostered by mutual support and caring.  Others gather because they resonate with the energy of the original 2 or 3 or 4.  And a tribe is created.

Pay some attention this week to the groups in which you participate.  Step outside yourself and observe if you feel supported in this group.  Are you the best you can be?  Are you relaxing and being yourself with these people or must you put up a façade to fit in?  Notice how you feel before, during and after being with this group.  Are you uplifted?  Do you feel you are growing through your connections?

Become conscious of how your body is giving you signals about the people with whom you associate.  You’ll know if there is an uncomfortable energy incompatibility.  And you’ll know if you are resonating with the group and want to spend more time with them.

Explore or create your Tribes!


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