MUSE-INGS: Live a Heart-Centered Life!

Living a Heart-Centered Life is not for the so-called ‘faint of heart’!  It takes a great deal of strength to listen to your heart and to act upon what you hear.  It takes an empowered individual to acknowledge the vision within and to live from that place rather than the place of expediency or what pleases outer values.

Empowered people know that power from within is much stronger than the power that is gained over another.  That is just bullying.  And an empowered individual does not operate just on power, but on a combination of inner power and heart power.  In the 21st Century world each human being is asked to evolve into the new human.  This new way of being present to life on Earth includes opening one’s mind to embrace the feelings that exist in one’s innermost heart.

This is different from what resides in one’s Heart-Mind Center, the new energy center that lies between the Heart and the Throat Centers.  The Heart Center itself contains the feelings that stem from one’s inner spirit wanting to express in the outer world.  This is where the feelings become the messengers of the spirit and each of us must pay attention to the stirrings we feel within us.

When you see injustice in the world, do you feel a stirring within you that calls you to some action against that injustice, even if it is simply to send helping energy to the victim of that injustice?  That feeling comes from a connection to your inner spirit and a sense of what energies are appropriate in the world around you.  When you feel a deep connection with another individual, what some would call a ‘soul connection,’ do you understand that this connection is a part of what being an evolved human being means in the present day?

It is time for all humans to wake up to the deeper meaning of the feelings within them and to eschew the shallow feelings, especially pettiness and small-mindedness, that lead people into decisions that do not advance the growth of human consciousness.  We are not automatons or robots.  We experience deep feelings and we have spirits within us that are here to express through our human lives.  We are all called to greatness that finds its expression through the choices that we make in every moment of our lives.

We can no longer turn a blind eye to what we see around us.  We cannot live as if we do not have these deep feelings in our hearts.  It is time to embrace what it means to be fully human, to have feelings that are spurring us on to express them.  Deep love, deep compassion, deep connection.  Our spirits are longing to express these.  Each of us is calling out to all others to understand that we are all One.  We wither when we do not feel connected to others.  We shrivel up when we feel that we are not loved.  We cannot survive alone if no one around us shows us compassion.

It is time to end all sorts of abuse in this world. It is time to end the senseless killing of animals and humans.  It is time to take care of Nature rather than to destroy it.  It is time to care for all of the children of the world for the future of the planet depends upon them.  It is time for religions and political groups and countries to find a way to live together on this one planet as heart-centered Earthlings instead of separate groups trying to exert power over others.

It is time for individuals to become empowered through embracing the deep feelings of their hearts.


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