MYSTIC MESSAGE from The Divine Feminine: Feel Your Way to Empowerment

Dear Ones,

Where is your heart today?  Are you following your heart where it wants to lead you?  Or are you following a quest for money, pride, acclaim, power?  We would tell you that your heart is the best navigator for your path in life.

Many will tell you that you must follow your mind/head, not your heart, but your heart is your connection to the greater source of energy in the Universe, not your mind/head.  Now we are not talking here about whims or infatuations or shallow emotions.  But if you really reach deeply into your heart you will start to understand that your innermost feelings are expressions of your innermost spirit in the world.  You will be led to express yourself if you are heart-centered.

Look around you at your life today.  How much of your heart is evident in the life you are living?  Are your goals coming from a place of understanding your role in the greater scheme of life on Earth or are you focusing on little goals of how much money you can make or the next promotion you can gain at work?  Are you surrounded by people who uplift your spirit when you are with them?  Are you living from a place where your heart can guide your daily choices?

The easiest way to access your deep heart feelings is to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and bring all your attention to the area of your heart in the center of your body.  Breathe into this area and allow images to appear in your inner vision.   Don’t judge what you are experiencing, for many of you expect this to be a certain kind of picture or sound or feeling but you must learn to allow the experience to unfold as it wishes to unfold.  Ask this feeling or image to share with you a message that will help to guide you today.  And then listen or look or feel until you understand the message.  It might be as simple as to ‘Feel today whatever you need to feel’ or ‘Look around you for ways that you can help others to feel better about themselves and their lives.’  Just allow the message to appear without judging what comes up.  And if you find there is no apparent message then rest assured that your unconscious mind has accepted what it needs to accept.  When you open your eyes embrace your message and move into the rest of your day.

There are people who have opened their heart to the world, not in a way that makes them vulnerable but in a way that makes them very powerful.  Open hearts allow love energy to flow outward and to magnetize the attraction of love energy to flow inward as well.  One who has mastered a connection to deep heart feelings interacts with other people in a way that is empowering to everyone involved.  Human beings are not meant to live soulless, heartless lives but often the media and popular wisdom indicates that this is not the case.  People in power often seem to have no ability to show compassion because they put some other value above an expression of heart values.  War does not arise from deep heart feelings but from a pursuit of something other than that which stems from the heart.  Abuse happens in society because someone has been cut off from their feelings and they allow themselves to act in inhumane ways.

There is much that we could say about what happens when one does not connect with their deep heart feelings but we would rather you see that all around you – your work or business, your relationships, your life in general – benefits from your deepest connection to your heart.  Reach out to others from a place deep within yourself and your deep connections will support all that you desire in your life.  Reach into yourself, identify your feelings and live them in your outer life and you will experience a richness in your life that will have you wondering why you weren’t doing this all along!

And so it is.


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