Start with ‘We Are All One’ – Richard’s Commentary

It is healing to reread Rosemary’s “exploration” from Friday (pre-midterm election) today as I write my commentary. It is Wednesday and the midterm election is behind us here in the US. Come January we will have a new Congress at the Federal level and a new shift in the political landscape across the country from State governorships to Statehouse composition.

Last evening, as election results started coming in, I grew more and more concerned with this shift. Yes, I am a liberal, a progressive, a socialist…I am not afraid of these labels because they paint me with a color I am pleased to wear. So, you can understand why I grew concerned. The voters, if not the country, want change. This I do understand. My concern is with the direction of the changes. I woke up this morning feeling wounded; in need of healing.

Then I reread: Start with ‘We Are All One’; and I thought: What if we “Start with we are all one”?

There’s nothing like an election to bring out the worst in people, to polarize people, to divide and confuse, exaggerate and obfuscate to get people not only voting, but often voting against their own best interests. And then I read:

What do you believe? Let’s start with the folks around you, your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers, the community, your country. Are they all ‘others’ to you? How about people who live on the other side of the world? The other side of the political spectrum? The other skin colors? The other religions?

And I ask myself about those on “the other side of the political spectrum” and begin to wonder. They are people doing the best they can with the information and resources they have. I may wish for them to have more information, more resources, but that is an empty wish. No matter the result from Tuesday’s election and no matter the polarity dividing people into political camps we are all in this together. And even that sounds socialist but we are here, all Earthlings, breathing the same air and held by the same gravity. And so the healing begins.

The more we focus on ‘otherness’ the less we understand about who we really are as individuals. Yes, we have separate physical bodies, but we are all one. We are all one big organism called ‘humanity’ on Earth.

The dividing lines begin to fade. There is shift and change, ebb and flow, a breeze from a different direction. As with everything in life it is temporary, impermanent. And maybe with this shift some things will get done. We can hope for a new level of cooperation, some consensus building over the next couple of years. Can we even hope for some compromise?

I don’t have to like the election results. I don’t have to pretend the direction the country may be turning is good or correct. But I do have to accept the change and find hope in movement. And I need to remember to:

Start with We Are All One. Everything really is connected, so connected, in fact, that it is One. We can share. Just as we learned in kindergarten, it is okay to take turns, to share, to participate together so that everyone is taken care of.

It’s the conservatives’ turn. Let’s heal from the bruising election and hope there can be some positive movement of the One Human Organism!


MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: The Times They Are a Changin’

Dear Ones,

The veils between the worlds are beginning to thin and those who are resonating at higher levels are able to see through the physical world to the spiritual world.  Those who have this vision derive comfort from knowing that all is well.

If you are stuck in circumstances that feel like blocks or as if you have blocks of cement attached to feet that are trying to move forward, then your awareness is at the densest level of the physical reality of 21st Century Planet Earth.  You do not have to stay attached to that which you view as this so-called ‘reality.’

Reality is your perception of what is true, according to your own measuring parameters.  One person’s reality might not be another’s.  When one becomes convinced that their reality is the only one, then one, of necessity, judges all others to be ‘out of touch with reality’ or  ‘just plain wrong.’  This is where judgment, polarity, racism dwell – in the hearts of those who believe that they know for certain what is ‘reality.’ If your reality does not mesh with those around you, are you willing to listen and learn or do you discount and shut off any discussion?

Notice in your day how much reality you are encountering.  Can your perception be different from that of another person’s?  Can two people observe the same event and have differing accounts of what has happened?

Each human being sees the world through the lens of their experience and the filter of the decisions they have made about what to believe.  A child’s view of the world is being shaped by the environment and the parents that they encounter.  The subconscious of the child embraces the decisions that are made as if they define absolute reality because they do not have the discernment to consider that t here might be other realities beyond what they can see.  The subconscious of the adult might be holding onto those same decisions because there has never been a reason to question them.

In the 21st Century, every decision about reality must come into question.  One cannot live a conscious life while the subconscious is shaping choices around a decision about believing in a childhood reality.  And those who choose to impose their own reality onto others are being led by a subconscious child’s belief rather than a conscious choice made as an adult in the 21st Century.

Reality dwells in the heart-mind center of evolved individuals.  This heart-mind carries the new 21st Century consciousness for evolutionaries to manifest in the world.  When one operates from this space, there is room for other individuals to embrace the outer world according to their evolutionary progress.  Nonjudgment and acceptance are the hallmarks of  the evolved 21st Century human being.

There is much polarization in the world today around the concept that ‘I am right and you are wrong,’ a tendency to create ‘otherness’ about one who looks, acts, thinks, lives differently.  This is the outward manifestation of an inner clinging to the old paradigms.  Intolerance is the expression of the fear that the world is changing around one.

The changes that are coming represent quantum leaps in the evolution of human consciousness.  Those who can embrace change will be the evolutionaries of the 21st Century.  Those who cannot will be left behind to live amongst the intolerances of their own prejudices from past belief systems.

This is the time to make the choice about your own reality.

And so it is.

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