This Week’s Mystic Message from The Divine Feminine: The Children are the cosmic beings – listen to them!

Dear Ones,

Can you hear the winds of change blowing through the world in these days?  There are so many changes coming that you will start to see people being thrown off balance by what is happening around them.

The cries of those in need will become louder and the boasting of those who have more than they need will turn to compassion as they start to see themselves as connected to all others.  Oh, we know that there are some who are unable to experience compassion but most members of the human family are, by nature, compassionate people who have been trained into selfishness by society.  In most societies on Planet Earth there is a sense of connection, with nature, with others and with the cosmos as a whole.  The cycles of nature on Planet Earth are understood by most of her peoples.  The understanding that what one individual does affects all others is widespread on the Planet.

It is only in those societies that have lost sight of this connection to others where you can see the individualism that prevents human consciousness from expanding.

But we would speak to you today of the coming changes, that which you who are on the path of Conscious Living can look forward to.

People all over Planet Earth are feeling the coming changes.  Earthquakes shake the physical world but the energetic world is also being shaken up.  Light is beginning to form in places where before there was darkness.  Those who wish to resist change are starting to become enlightened about the need for change.  You will first see this in how the children of the Planet are being treated.

The children alive on Planet Earth today are a special breed of the New Human.  They have an intelligence that defies your intelligence testing and analysis.  They are cosmic beings who have actively chosen to assist Planet Earth in her evolution toward expanded consciousness.  Look at those who have been born in the last 20 or so years as the ones who will carry changes through the coming times and into the future.  These children do not communicate well with those who are older because it is as if they come from a different planet.  In fact, they do.  These children were born on the former Planet Earth but are truly here to be inhabitants of the coming, energized and expanded Planet Earth.  Only those adults who are able to expand into the new consciousness will be able to keep up with these children.

It is precisely because these are New Humans that your medical and educational and societal systems do not work appropriately for them.  These children do not need to be drugged – they need to be protected as the super-sensitive beings that they are.  They are not to be confined by structures created for a society of hundreds of years ago – they must be supported and listened to as they are the ones who understand the coming energies from a cosmic perspective.

Listen to the little ones.  Ask them questions about what they understand.  Listen to the questions they ask and help them to explore answers, for the answers you might have given 20 years ago will no longer serve.  Spend some time with young people even if they are not blood-related to you, for you will certainly learn from them.

And then decide to open your horizons, expand to become a conscious cosmic being yourself.  You can do this by being open-minded.  Connect with others and understand that all are one, there is no separation.  This is the most important message for the coming changes – there can be no isolationists.  All are connected.  All are One with the Source.  It is the children who know this.  Listen to them.

And so it is.


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