NGC 6751It is time for transformation! Not only is that what Friday’s article was about, but it is also what is called for with October 23’s Solar Eclipse.

On ThursdayOctober 23 at 5:56 pm Eastern Daylight Time, the Moon and the Sun will be at the same degree of Scorpio and the shadow of the Moon will partially block the Sun from view. The eclipse should be visible in the US and, in Baltimore, Maryland the maximum eclipse occurs at 6:15 pm. REMEMBER: do not look directly at the Sun, even during an eclipse!

There is a lot of technical information available about the eclipse and about how to safely view it. Astrologically, this eclipse is all about transformation. And it occurs at the same degree as the eclipse on October 23, 1995. Where were you then? What was going on in your life?

You are being invited to release what is no longer serving the evolving you. Be conscious of this as you go through your week. And things should ease up after Mercury goes direct (The dreaded retrograde is over!) on Saturday, October 25.

We also enjoy a celestial show of meteors from Orion, peaking on October 22. What a fun week in the skies! Look at Orion in the early morning hours of the 22nd and see if you can see some of these ‘shooting stars.’ The Orionids, as they are called, are actually produced by Halley’s Comet – they are not ‘stars’.

In the spirit of transformation, Richard and I are offering a workshop in Maryland to help you find balance in an unbalanced world. The Alchemical Inner Marriage Workshop is offered on Saturday, October 25 in Severna Park, Maryland. We’d love to have you join us as we share an experiential journey to connect you with your Inner Masculine and Inner Feminine and to balance these two energies so that you can have balance and peace in your life. We’re very excited about sharing the day with you (we even provide lunch!) so please check out the details here: Alchemical Inner Marriage

Our short presentation on this subject recently at ACT, A Community of Transformation, was very well-received and people are eager to delve more deeply into learning tools for being peace in the world. The Early Bird investment is available through today, October 20. 

If you haven’t been joining us for The Oracle Speaks events, where I channel messages from The Divine Feminine, you are really missing some fascinating teachings and guidance for these days of transformation. I am doing these events once a month (one time during each Sun sign) and attendees are experiencing shifts just by participating/listening. Check out ‘Oracle’ at the website to see the upcoming dates: ORACLE Remember that you can join us via computer or telephone if you can’t be here in person. And those who register receive the recording and can send in questions even if they can’t participate in person.

SAVE THE DATE: The next Possibilities Playshop is December 13! Come play with us and create your own Playbook for the coming Moon Cycles. Fun!

Embrace shift this week!

PS: The recording of The Oracle Speaks channeled message from last week is now available. The Divine Feminine offered incredible guidance for our evolution; and they offered amazing help as we begin to become aware of our Cosmic Bodies  and expand into our Cosmic Auras! The recording can be purchased from my website:



eclipseHow did you like that Lunar Eclipse at the time of last Wednesday’s Full Moon? I hope you were able to view it. Griffith Observatory in California broadcast a live view through their telescope so I saw great pictures online.

Eclipses and Full Moons are significant celestial events. Notice where 15 degrees in Aries falls in your natal horoscope astrological chart to see what area of your life might be affected. (You can find free astrology charts generated for you online if you don’t already have one.) We are still being affected by the energy of this big event!

You are being invited to ask for guidance and support from other realms. Do you ask your angels for help? Have you contacted your spirit guides?

Join us on Wednesday, October 15 at 7:00 pm Eastern Time for The Oracle Speaks when I will be channeling guidance from The Divine Feminine to help you make the rest of 2014 align with your dreams and desires. These events always bring in much needed wisdom and information that is very practical and helpful.

You can join us in person in Severna Park, Maryland or online or by the phone from wherever you are. Here are the details: The Oracle Speaks Hope to ‘see’ you on the 15th so that you can learn what you need to know to make the most of this time!

Richard and I are planning several different offerings in the coming months and we’re curious about what you might be looking for these days. Do you like one-, two-, or three-day events? Do you prefer to get information in several classes over a couple of weeks? Are you a fan of videoconference or phone or in person events?

Please send us some feedback by direct email ( so we can learn how you would like to have some information delivered. We’re hoping that those of you who read this can help us to shape a more detailed survey that we will be sending out later. I appreciate your help with this project! 

Enjoy the Autumn colors wherever you are! I love the crispness of the air on Autumn mornings. Beautiful!


ring galaxyBack in Maryland in time for the amazing East Coast Autumn and the changing of the leaves. I love the slightly crisp air of Autumn and the brilliant colors around here!

We had a great time visiting our son, daughter-in-law and new grandson in California. I am grateful that they are visiting here soon so that I can get my hands on that little one again. If we’re friends on facebook you’ve probably seen pictures of the cutie. If we’re not friends yet, find me: Rosemary Robertson Bredeson, and enjoy the posts.

Big week in the skies! Mercury goes Retrograde on Saturday, October 4 at 1:02 pm Eastern Daylight Time. This means that, when we look at Mercury from our vantage point on Earth, the planet appears to be moving backward. The energy of Mercury Retrograde is to go inward and review, revamp, reassess. Where are you and where are you heading? Are you, too, going backward in your life or are you moving forward?

Mercury Retrograde also causes people to be distracted so drive carefully, read and re-read before you sign anything, and don’t hit ‘Send’ until you are certain you really want the recipient to read what you wrote! It only lasts until October 25, so hang in there!

On Wednesday, October 8 at 6:51 am Eastern Daylight Time, there will be a Full Moon in Aries and a total Lunar Eclipse. We should get a good view in the US although the Moon will just be setting on the East Coast.

All Full Moons are potent opportunities to let go of what no longer serves us and this one gives us illumination of what those things might be. The Sun in Libra and the Moon in Aries help us to learn about the need for balancing the Masculine with the Feminine, inside us as well as around us in the world.

According to The Mountain Astrologerthis Full Moon has the ‘potential for life-changing revelations and shifts in consciousness.’ Will you be a part of the transformation?

Join Richard and me on Saturday, October 25 for the Mystical Marriage Workshop: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World. We will be sharing guidance for getting in touch with your inner masculine and inner feminine as well as how to bring those into balance inside you. This is where Peace begins. Peace in you radiates outward and creates Peace around you. Learn more here: Mystical Marriage Space is limited so reserve your place today! We’ll be in person in Severna Park, Maryland.

Remember that I am offering The Oracle Speaks every Sun sign period. The Libra event is on Wednesday, October 15 at 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. You can join us in person, online or via telephone. I will be channeling The Divine Feminine with a message for receiving abundance and prosperity in the last quarter of 2014. I believe there will be some teaching from The Sirius Mystery Temple Teachers, as well. Join us for this fun and enlightening evening! You can ask questions, too! More info here: The Oracle Speaks

May the Force of the Full Moon help you along your way this week!



eagle nebula tallSeptember already! There’s always an air of expectancy when school starts, as if the New Year really starts now and not January 1, even after your own school days are long behind you.

It’s time to ‘go back to school’ for me, too. Heading to Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Breakthrough Experience in Baltimore this week. Will I see you there while I am wearing my ‘Rosemary, the author’ hat? Be sure to connect!

And we’re gearing up for another Possibilities Playshop on September 20 in Severna Park, Maryland! We always have a blast at these! Come join us and create your own Playbook, complete with pictures pulled from magazines and glued onto pages in your binder. No, this is not your typical ‘vision board exercise’! You learn to trust your unconscious mind and your guides to select the pictures for you and to attach them to the Moon Cycles in your Playbook. And you laugh and chat with other playmates while you capture your Big Dream and clear those blocks.

We have a limited number of seats at the Playshop but would love to have you join us. Great way to start the ‘school year’ – with a Saturday of fun! Get the details here and hurry to reserve your spot because the Early Bird Investment is up soon! Details and Registration Here

We’ve got another Super Moon with the Full Moon in Pisces, where Moon is in the sign opposite to the Sun’s sign of Virgo. This happens today, September 8 at 9:38 pm Eastern Daylight Time. Remember that the Full Moon is a great time for letting go of blocks and beliefs that have been in the way of your personal growth. It’s also a time to use the Virgo Sun power to pay attention to details and clean out the clutter in your mind and your life while the Pisces Moon energy helps you to really feel your emotions. Clear out the emotional clutter, too! Let go of whatever is holding you back.

The Divine Feminine are giving us great guidance in our The Oracle Speaks events as I channel messages from them to audiences both in person in Maryland and joining us online. If you haven’t been live at these events, you’re going to want to get the recordings and listen to this wisdom (you can purchase the recordings HERE: Oracle Recordings. The last message taught about the relationships among the Spirit, the Soul and the Ego/Personality. Deep Wisdom from The Divine Feminine is in each channeled message!

The next opportunity to join us (and you get to ask questions if you’re with us live!) is Wednesday, October 15 at 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. Register here and get your questions ready! Details and Registration

On a personal note, we’re enjoying spending Facetime with our new grandson who lives across the country from us! Although technology can sometimes trip us up, it’s a boon to grandparents who live at a distance! Hanging out with moving pictures is better than disembodied voices on the phone! Don’t you just love living in the 21st Century? Remember, your Soul chose to incarnate at this time!

Celebrate September! Have a Harvest Moon week!


Our newest family Leo, Tristan

Our last days for the Sun to be in Leo! This is our birthday sign (Richard & I are Leos) so we continue to celebrate. I hope you do that for yourself, too. Don’t confine your celebration of your birthday to just one day! How about the whole time the Sun is in your sign? Or the whole month? Our family has a lot of Leos, including the newest member who was born 3 ½ weeks early so he (our latest grandbaby) could be a Leo, too. (Here’s his most recent picture!)

Did you ever wonder about babies who are preemies or late ones? How about the ones where Mom labors for days before delivery? My mom was in labor for 3 days before I was born and, in my natal astrological chart, my Moon is at 0 degrees Cancer – I was waiting to have a Cancer Moon! My granddaughter did the same thing to her mother, although labor only went into the second day. There’s something that the soul knows about this lifetime that is reflected in the astrological configuration of the Solar System at the time of one’s birth. The new astrology teaches about the lessons to be learned and the resources to learn those lessons as they are shown in the chart. It is a fascinating way to learn about yourself.

And Scientific Hand Analysis teaches that your handprints give you a lot of information about how you process data, how you relate heart and mind, what your Life Purpose is, where your Blind Spot is, and a whole lot more.

I would love to help you learn about yourself and show you how many tools you can use to help you to Live Your Richest Life!

The place to start is to come to the Possibilities Playshop in Severna Park, Maryland on Saturday, September 20th, meet your Guide(s), create your Playbook, and get ready for the coming ‘moonths’ where you will learn to relate the cycles of the Moon to what is happening in your life.

These Playshops are great fun and some wonderful people gather around the table to play at them. We limit the number of attendees so that it can be an intimate, in-person experience here in Severna Park. I hope you’ll join us as we shift into Autumn – come play with us on September 20! Here are the details: Playshop Link Register early to take advantage of the Early Bird Investment level!

If you can’t share the Playshop with us in Severna Park this time, then tune in for The Oracle Speaks on Wednesday, August 27 and learn what The Divine Feminine have to share with us about the energies of this time. I will be channeling a general message and then attendees can ask questions, both general and personal.We’ve been getting some amazing information at these events so I encourage you to be live with us: in person in Maryland, online via videoconference, or by telephone. I don’t know what we will learn but it will be relevant and important! Here’s how to register: Oracle Speaks Link

Remember that self-knowledge improves all your relationships. Focus some attention on delving more deeply into who you really are. And working on yourself is working on your relationships, your business, your finances and your life!

Have a great week of discovery!

ROSEMARY’S EXPLORATION: Know Thyself – Tools for Self-Knowledge

How well do you know who you are, really?

Of course, you know your name, your physical history, where you were born, etc. You might know your Sun sign to look up a horoscope in the newspaper. You probably know your parents’ names and your grandparents’ names. But who are you, really?

Do you know your thinking style? Do you know where your attention goes when you are presented with a situation or event? Do you know your Life Purpose, your Life School and your Life Lesson or Blind Spot? Have you examined your limiting beliefs? How about those negative self-talk thoughts you carry around with you? Are you clear about your values and your priorities?

I could continue the list but it is too long. There are so many facets to a human being, so many aspects to the personality, that we often think we are simpler beings than we really are.

And what is true for you is true for everyone around you.

For example, you have a certain learning style. Most folks are visual learners. They process information by seeing it. Have you noticed that you remember something better if you see it written than if you just hear it? That’s because your preferred learning style is visual.

Some people are auditory learners. They need to hear material so that they can better learn and remember. For these folks, just seeing the written word isn’t good enough – they need to also hear it spoken or to speak it aloud themselves.

Now if you are a visual learner, you use phrases that reflect this, like ‘Do you see what I am saying?’ or, ‘How does this look to you?’ If, however, you are an auditory learner, you resonate better with language that reflects hearing, like ‘Did you hear about this?’ or ‘How does this sound to you?’

Can you see/hear how this difference can impact communication between two people?

This is only one example of how important it is to know something about yourself.

What about other tools for self-knowledge that give you more detailed information about your tendencies and inherent energies? Astrology. Numerology. Enneagram. Myers-Briggs. DISC. Scientific Hand Analysis. Chinese 5-elements. Your Chinese astrology star number. There is a long list of ways that you can understand yourself more deeply.

Have you explored tools to help you understand where you are coming from? What about where others are coming from? Do you value the differences in how people approach learning, or life, or do you expect everyone to see things as you see them? To listen and to hear exactly what you hear? To feel the way you feel?

Remember that:

All Love Flows from Self-Love.

To love another you must first love yourself. Learn more about yourself and love it all. There is nothing better about one Enneagram type over another, but the more you understand about your tendencies the more conscious you can be about choosing how to respond to stimulus as it is presented to you. One Astrological chart is as good as another but they can carry very different lessons for the person to learn.

I can often shift a person from feeling conflicted to being more peaceful simply by pointing out how differing human beings can look at the same scene and describe differing points of view. This is most beneficial if you know your own point of view first.

Explore tools for self-knowledge and get to know yourself better. It can change your life!


Tristan&AndrewBIG NEWS!!! Our new grandson is here!!! Tristan arrived 3 ½ weeks early on July 31, letting us know exactly who is in charge of his plan. We’re all excited to welcome a new little soul into our family and into Mother Earth’s family. His arrival might not have followed his Mom & Dad’s plan but he is showing them who is boss right from the start. We will all be learning from this little one!

Tristan’s due date was in the Sun sign of Virgo but he chose to be a Leo, like Mimi & Papa (Rosemary and Richard). We celebrated our mutual birthday on Saturday, August 2 with 120 other entrepreneurs at the Red Elephant Stand, Speak & Profit Event. Tristan’s birth on Day 1 and our birthdays on Day 3 of the conference made it an event-full conference!

Did you know that babies choose their birth dates and times? They are working with Mother Earth and the Universe to arrive with just the resources they need to live their Life Purpose – that’s what the astrological birth chart outlines for them. They arrange to have all the help they need and the chart reflects this. Many other systems of self-knowledge also reflect the child’s soul’s intentions –numerology, Scientific Hand Analysis of the handprints. This is true for you, too. Have you looked at the resources you brought in with your birth? Your astrological chart? Your numerology? Your handprints? These tools help you to understand your challenges, your gifts, your purpose.

Another way to get some info about your soul’s intentions is to have a reading where we contact your guides and angels and ask them to outline what you need to know for your personal growth at this time. This is a good thing to do for yourself around your birthday. What do you need to know for your coming year? And, since it’s MY BIRTHDAY on August 2 (also my husband’s) I’m extending the Special Offer so that more people can celebrate with me by learning about themselves.

You can schedule a reading to get a message from your guides, talk to a loved one, or get some questions answered and receive guidance for your next step. Here’s where to request your reading: Add to Cart The reading can be in person (in Severna Park, Maryland), on the phone or via videoconference from anywhere in the world. I look forward to sharing my birthday celebration with you!

Every birth is a blessed event. We’re excited about the addition to our family! Hadn’t planned to include that announcement here 3 weeks early but ‘this or something better’ – we get to meet our Tristan earlier than planned!

Have an event-full week for yourself!