Tristan&AndrewBIG NEWS!!! Our new grandson is here!!! Tristan arrived 3 ½ weeks early on July 31, letting us know exactly who is in charge of his plan. We’re all excited to welcome a new little soul into our family and into Mother Earth’s family. His arrival might not have followed his Mom & Dad’s plan but he is showing them who is boss right from the start. We will all be learning from this little one!

Tristan’s due date was in the Sun sign of Virgo but he chose to be a Leo, like Mimi & Papa (Rosemary and Richard). We celebrated our mutual birthday on Saturday, August 2 with 120 other entrepreneurs at the Red Elephant Stand, Speak & Profit Event. Tristan’s birth on Day 1 and our birthdays on Day 3 of the conference made it an event-full conference!

Did you know that babies choose their birth dates and times? They are working with Mother Earth and the Universe to arrive with just the resources they need to live their Life Purpose – that’s what the astrological birth chart outlines for them. They arrange to have all the help they need and the chart reflects this. Many other systems of self-knowledge also reflect the child’s soul’s intentions –numerology, Scientific Hand Analysis of the handprints. This is true for you, too. Have you looked at the resources you brought in with your birth? Your astrological chart? Your numerology? Your handprints? These tools help you to understand your challenges, your gifts, your purpose.

Another way to get some info about your soul’s intentions is to have a reading where we contact your guides and angels and ask them to outline what you need to know for your personal growth at this time. This is a good thing to do for yourself around your birthday. What do you need to know for your coming year? And, since it’s MY BIRTHDAY on August 2 (also my husband’s) I’m extending the Special Offer so that more people can celebrate with me by learning about themselves.

You can schedule a reading to get a message from your guides, talk to a loved one, or get some questions answered and receive guidance for your next step. Here’s where to request your reading: Add to Cart The reading can be in person (in Severna Park, Maryland), on the phone or via videoconference from anywhere in the world. I look forward to sharing my birthday celebration with you!

Every birth is a blessed event. We’re excited about the addition to our family! Hadn’t planned to include that announcement here 3 weeks early but ‘this or something better’ – we get to meet our Tristan earlier than planned!

Have an event-full week for yourself!


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