eagle nebula tallSeptember already! There’s always an air of expectancy when school starts, as if the New Year really starts now and not January 1, even after your own school days are long behind you.

It’s time to ‘go back to school’ for me, too. Heading to Christine Kloser’s Transformational Author Breakthrough Experience in Baltimore this week. Will I see you there while I am wearing my ‘Rosemary, the author’ hat? Be sure to connect!

And we’re gearing up for another Possibilities Playshop on September 20 in Severna Park, Maryland! We always have a blast at these! Come join us and create your own Playbook, complete with pictures pulled from magazines and glued onto pages in your binder. No, this is not your typical ‘vision board exercise’! You learn to trust your unconscious mind and your guides to select the pictures for you and to attach them to the Moon Cycles in your Playbook. And you laugh and chat with other playmates while you capture your Big Dream and clear those blocks.

We have a limited number of seats at the Playshop but would love to have you join us. Great way to start the ‘school year’ – with a Saturday of fun! Get the details here and hurry to reserve your spot because the Early Bird Investment is up soon! Details and Registration Here

We’ve got another Super Moon with the Full Moon in Pisces, where Moon is in the sign opposite to the Sun’s sign of Virgo. This happens today, September 8 at 9:38 pm Eastern Daylight Time. Remember that the Full Moon is a great time for letting go of blocks and beliefs that have been in the way of your personal growth. It’s also a time to use the Virgo Sun power to pay attention to details and clean out the clutter in your mind and your life while the Pisces Moon energy helps you to really feel your emotions. Clear out the emotional clutter, too! Let go of whatever is holding you back.

The Divine Feminine are giving us great guidance in our The Oracle Speaks events as I channel messages from them to audiences both in person in Maryland and joining us online. If you haven’t been live at these events, you’re going to want to get the recordings and listen to this wisdom (you can purchase the recordings HERE: Oracle Recordings. The last message taught about the relationships among the Spirit, the Soul and the Ego/Personality. Deep Wisdom from The Divine Feminine is in each channeled message!

The next opportunity to join us (and you get to ask questions if you’re with us live!) is Wednesday, October 15 at 7:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. Register here and get your questions ready! Details and Registration

On a personal note, we’re enjoying spending Facetime with our new grandson who lives across the country from us! Although technology can sometimes trip us up, it’s a boon to grandparents who live at a distance! Hanging out with moving pictures is better than disembodied voices on the phone! Don’t you just love living in the 21st Century? Remember, your Soul chose to incarnate at this time!

Celebrate September! Have a Harvest Moon week!


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