Hubble24Greetings from sunny Las Vegas, Nevada and LA, California!

We just finished Suzanne Evans’ Be The Change Event 2014. I always enjoy attending conferences like this because I see old friends and make new ones. Plus, we learned new ways to help people make changes in their lives. And the timing of this event, as the celestial Cardinal Grand Cross happened inviting us all to transform, made this a very special weekend! Now it’s back to LA for a couple more days with our West Coast “kids”!

The last big April astrological event is the New Moon Total Solar Eclipse on April 29 at 2:14 am Eastern Daylight Time. This is a time of big commitment to endings and beginnings. What have you been asked to let go of and what are you ready to start? Commit to your personal growth now. The transformation of the previous celestial happenings is anchored in you now. Move forward in newness. Make a whole-hearted commitment to your own evolution.

I am returning from this event and trip with lots of ideas for some new offerings. When I go through my own transformations in the spiral journey of evolution I pass along to clients the new energies that come in. Remember that you can schedule a Spring Clearing reading with me to make sure that you are interpreting the new energies in a way that helps you to advance in YOUR evolution. These readings are a great way to gain confidence and clarity about your next step! Send me an email if you’d like to explore your possibilities!

Sending you warm desert hugs!

PS: Happy 24th Birthday, Hubble Space Telescope!


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