bipolar nebulaAh, Autumn is in the air! Well, first thing in the morning it’s a little bit cooler and I saw 1 leaf drop. I do love Autumn when the weather starts to cool off and there’s a little crispness in the air. Hasn’t happened yet here in Maryland but I look for it every morning.

The New Moon on September 5 brought in some exciting Virgo energy for us all! Remember that the New Moon energy, like the Full Moon energy, starts influencing us 3 days before and 3 days after the actual event. That’s 7 days of impact for each New and Full Moon. This New Moon energy is asking us to take inventory of our lives, use our gifts, and discard anything that is not in alignment with our soul intention, our Soul Purpose.

I may sound like a broken record but it really is time to live your Purpose in the world! What are you tolerating about your life that is keeping you from doing just that? If it is not knowing your Purpose, then learn it. Whether you schedule a Scientific Hand Analysis session with me or a reading or go to an astrologer or a numerologist or a counselor, let your first question be – What is my Purpose?

In line with the inventory that this New Moon is directing, Richard and I have been examining the structure of our business and our work and taking stock of the best ways through which we can reach and help more people. The changes are coming soon. We’ll be offering a Conversation with The Other Side in September [date to be announced shortly] and it will be available in person in Annapolis and online as a video conference. If you’d like to know how to attend a Conversation FOR FREE, check it out here: Information.

Welcome to our new MuseLetter readers! If you haven’t seen last week’s issue, the message was ‘Happy Birthday to YOU!!!’ I hope you have all been celebrating your re-birth every day!

May this week bring you JOY in place of every ‘tolerance’ that you clear away.


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