ROSEMARY’S INSPIRATION: What Are You Ready to Birth?

My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: What Are You Ready to Birth?


whirlpool heartWe’ve met our Tristan! It is so exciting to be with our new grandbaby. You can Skype or FaceTime but it’s not the same as being together in person.

Babies always make me think of bringing something new into the world. New life, new projects, new ideas. We are still in the energy of the New Moon of September 24 so it is a good time to be focusing on new projects as the moon waxes.

We are also now in the Sun Sign of Libra – Harmony and Balance, Fairness and Justice. Bring harmony into your life without looking for a static kind of balance. Get into the flow. Creative energy flows and you must express it or you won’t be able to stay in balance.

If you’re wondering about your next step in the direction of your creative ideas, then listen on Wednesday, October 15 whenThe Oracle Speaks. I will be channeling The Divine Feminine to give you guidance about the energies of this Libra period. Join us in person in Maryland OR online OR on the phone. You can participate from wherever you are. AND you will be able to ask questions during the event. Get the details here and register to join us on Wednesday, October 15 at 7:00 pm Eastern Time.

Sorry this is so short this week but I need to get some Tristan time in! I’m loving having a new grandson! It’s amazing how much ‘grandma love’ keeps growing with each additional grandchild.

Have a great time being creative this week!


What is waiting for you to create NOW? Not next year. Not someday. But now.

It is easy to dream up great ideas and to plan to make them become reality, but until you take action to create them in the physical plane, they will remain ideas. What is on your drawing board that is waiting for some action?

I am not a fan of regrets or of looking backwards, but when I hear someone say that they wish they had done something differently in the past, I want to suggest that they take action in THIS PRESENT MOMENT instead of looking to what might have been.

You are always at choice in your life. You are always ready to create your next ‘baby.’ No matter what the circumstances of this moment might look like to you, you can always choose to move in the direction of that creative idea, that dream.

What is one step that you can take to give a signal to the Universe that you are ready to make that dream become a reality? It doesn’t have to be huge. You don’t have to have all your ducks in a row. You don’t have to have worked out all the steps required to finish it.

You only need to know what the one next step needs to be.

And then you need to take that step!

Creating something requires a choice to move and an action to follow up that choice. Are you focusing on what you don’t have available? Are you focusing on the overwhelming nature of the full project instead of the requirements of the one step in front of you?

The most important choice that you make is the choice of thoughts that you will think.

Really. This is most important. Your thoughts really do create your reality. Many people try to deny this but worrying about something you DON’T want energizes that which you don’t want. You want to program your unconscious mind to focus energy on that which you DO want and you make this happen by choosing your thoughts to support the direction of your creative dream.

When you have a creative idea, when you get an inspiration, that idea exists in another dimension and you have been given access to that idea as the ‘keeper of the creation.’ It then becomes your responsibility to pursue that creation.

Do you feel that you have an overwhelming list of creative ideas and that you can’t possibly accomplish them all? This is a great place to be! You are being invited to capture the ideas and then to use your intuition to prioritize the development of those ideas into projects.

It is important to ask yourself, ‘Is it mine to take action on this idea?’ Sometimes your role is to receive the idea and then to hand it off to someone else or bring it to a team. Sometimes your creative idea meshes with someone else’s for great synergy.

But if you don’t take action in the direction of those creative ideas, how will you find the partner? How will you make everything come together? How will your creative idea ever become reality?

Start your creative process TODAY. Figure out your ONE NEXT STEP.

Nine months (or earlier!) from now, when your creative ‘baby’ is born you’ll be glad you took the action you decided to take today!


Here’s a video from last December that continues the theme of stepping forward and living our “real life” independent of our stories or those of our heritage. It’s time to live an “authentic life.”










You Are Not Your Stories – Richard’s Commentary

Here’s the core of Rosemary’s Exploration from Friday:

It is so easy to ‘story ourselves’ into our victimhood and we hide behind our stories until it becomes difficult to find the real person behind the mask of story.

I love this little phrase: “story ourselves into victimhood.” And sometimes the stories are not even our own, but our parents’ stories or even multi-generational stories passed along through time.

An example of this is my parents’ stories from the era of the Great Depression. My Dad had to quit school after the 8th grade to go to work to help support the family. My Mom tells of a Christmas when she got an orange in her stocking as her only gift! Those times were tough, no doubt! And, for Mom they created a deep sense of insecurity around money and a sense of fear around not having enough. Yet, growing up on a Wisconsin dairy farm we always had enough.

My mother’s sense of “lack” has been passed along in my unconscious mind and I continue to work with this story. I have always had enough – enough to eat, comfortable shelter, great jobs, a fabulous family – everything a guy could ever want. But there is a little voice in the back of my mind that still says things like: “we can’t afford that”, or “maybe someday when…”

As I look back I have been blessed, taken care of, never experiencing the “poverty” my mother spoke of and carried forward in her stories. But a small piece of her story is alive in me. I am not that story and I work on moving it out of my life, catching myself in the feeling of lack, remembering I am not lacking in anything and sensing a deep trust that I will always be taken care of.

Rosemary adds: The only reason to tell a story is to show how you’ve grown beyond it so that you can help someone else experience the same growth. I can safely tell my “money story” because I have grown beyond it. And I continue to grow beyond it!

We are in California now visiting our newest grandson, Tristan. A few days before leaving I checked our financial accounts and mentioned to Rosemary we would have to be mindful of the budget on the trip. Within two days she booked a client for a year-long program, paid in full! Trust is always preferable to any sense of lack! The reminders just keep coming.

It’s OK to remember the stories, just don’t get stuck in them. Remember the lessons and move on.

And enjoy the New Moon, Wednesday, 2:14 am EDT.



My “Two-Minute” Video for this Week: Be Your Real Self!


N63A remnantThe Fall Equinox is here! Woo Hoo! Temps are cooling down in Maryland. (Can you tell I’m not a fan of being hot?)

The Autumnal Equinox occurs on Monday, September 22 at 10:29 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). We are moving into a new season that allows us to shift gears for the next 3 months. AND we have a New Moon this week, on Wednesday, September 24 at 2:14 am EDT.

The New Moon is the time when we can start something new, invite in new energies to support us in our endeavors, gain new perspectives.What newness are you looking for in your life? Spend some time on Wednesday thinking about this and issuing the invitation. The Universe will hear you!

We will be visiting our NEW grandson! Finally getting to hold him in person! Face Time is great but it is a poor substitute for being there with Tristan and his Mom & Dad. If you are in the LA area, let’s see if we can hook up while we are there. (In case this is news to you, Tristan was born July 31 and arrived 3 ½ weeks early!)

The next The Oracle Speaks channeling event is scheduled for Wednesday, October 15 at 7:00 pm EDT. I channel The Divine Feminine and attendees, in person, on the phone or online, can ask questions. We do record these important messages so, even if you can’t attend, you can register and receive the recording. The previous messages are inspiring and informative! More info here: The Oracle Speaks

Some exciting things are coming up this Fall! In addition to The Oracle Speaks events every month, Richard & I are presenting The Sacred Marriage: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World at A Community of Transformation (ACT) on October 12 with a followup all-day workshop on October 25. Email me if you’d like more information about these: Both events are in the Annapolis, Maryland area.

Plus the next Possibilities Playshop will be on Saturday, December 13 in Severna Park, Maryland. Save the date!

I’m so excited about plans for 2015 that I can’t reveal yet but it’s going to be an amazing year! In case you didn’t know, and I just discovered that someone I’ve known for many months didn’t know that I am an ordained minister and design custom rituals for weddings, funerals, etc., I do offer a one-day intensive Personal Breakthrough Day that I call the ‘FedEx mode of getting it done.’ If you are ready for a real breakthrough and don’t want to spend months to get there, send me an email and we can explore your transformation on the fast track!

Must note that our grandson, Cody, is celebrating his 16th birthday this week. Happy Birthday, Cody! I can’t believe you’ll be driving soon!

Celebrate everything NEW in your life this week!