N63A remnantThe Fall Equinox is here! Woo Hoo! Temps are cooling down in Maryland. (Can you tell I’m not a fan of being hot?)

The Autumnal Equinox occurs on Monday, September 22 at 10:29 pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT). We are moving into a new season that allows us to shift gears for the next 3 months. AND we have a New Moon this week, on Wednesday, September 24 at 2:14 am EDT.

The New Moon is the time when we can start something new, invite in new energies to support us in our endeavors, gain new perspectives.What newness are you looking for in your life? Spend some time on Wednesday thinking about this and issuing the invitation. The Universe will hear you!

We will be visiting our NEW grandson! Finally getting to hold him in person! Face Time is great but it is a poor substitute for being there with Tristan and his Mom & Dad. If you are in the LA area, let’s see if we can hook up while we are there. (In case this is news to you, Tristan was born July 31 and arrived 3 ½ weeks early!)

The next The Oracle Speaks channeling event is scheduled for Wednesday, October 15 at 7:00 pm EDT. I channel The Divine Feminine and attendees, in person, on the phone or online, can ask questions. We do record these important messages so, even if you can’t attend, you can register and receive the recording. The previous messages are inspiring and informative! More info here: The Oracle Speaks

Some exciting things are coming up this Fall! In addition to The Oracle Speaks events every month, Richard & I are presenting The Sacred Marriage: Finding Balance in an Unbalanced World at A Community of Transformation (ACT) on October 12 with a followup all-day workshop on October 25. Email me if you’d like more information about these: Both events are in the Annapolis, Maryland area.

Plus the next Possibilities Playshop will be on Saturday, December 13 in Severna Park, Maryland. Save the date!

I’m so excited about plans for 2015 that I can’t reveal yet but it’s going to be an amazing year! In case you didn’t know, and I just discovered that someone I’ve known for many months didn’t know that I am an ordained minister and design custom rituals for weddings, funerals, etc., I do offer a one-day intensive Personal Breakthrough Day that I call the ‘FedEx mode of getting it done.’ If you are ready for a real breakthrough and don’t want to spend months to get there, send me an email and we can explore your transformation on the fast track!

Must note that our grandson, Cody, is celebrating his 16th birthday this week. Happy Birthday, Cody! I can’t believe you’ll be driving soon!

Celebrate everything NEW in your life this week!


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