Happy New Moon in Cancer!

Today’s NASA picture comes all the way from Pluto and the New Horizons Spacecraft.


Waiting in silence,
Keeping ships
At a distance.

Old moon
Melting to nothing,
Lighting no path
For homecoming.

Covering up proof,
Offering the lies
As if Truth.

The Light
Lets all emerge.
Lifting the shadow,
Lighting new moon,
Melting the ice.

©2015 Richard W. Bredeson. All rights reserved.



How exciting that we are getting pictures of Pluto from close up? Wow! As we learned with the Hubble Space Telescope, what we can see from Earth can be distorted by the atmosphere. But having a spacecraft camera travel that far to take a close up shot is very exciting. What will we learn?

Yesterday’s New Moon in Cancer happened at 9:26 pm Eastern Daylight Time. This means that the Sun and Moon are together in the sign of Cancer and the Earth’s shadow covers the Moon so that it does not reflect Sun’s light. The Dark of the Moon is a special time of potency. We, on Earth, are receiving pure Moon energy – feminine, nurturing, emotional.

We are invited to ask ourselves ‘What feeds my soul?’ Look at your values and how they are being demonstrated by how you spend your time. Do you need to do some adjusting in your priorities, in your schedule?

In addition, Mercury, Mars, Uranus and Pluto are playing together in the second half of July to give us a chance to make the visions of the 60s about peace, equality and the environment become grounded in the 21st Century. What can you do?

Remember that the New Moon is the time to invite something NEW into your life. What are you ready to welcome? Maybe it’s time to get rid of limiting beliefs and think new thoughts. As always, I am here to help you figure out that next step beyond the blocks that hold you stuck. Email me for more info on private

This is a special month for our family! We have two grandchildren having birthdays, Makayla (18) and Tristan (1). What a joy grandchildren are! And we get to celebrate with both of them! And on July 22nd Richard & I celebrate our 32nd Wedding Anniversary. We will celebrate all of these special days!

Essential Oils Class: FREE online class on Thursday, July 16 at 3:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time. Kiyla Fenell will be joining us from Tulsa, OK to teach about using Essential Oils in your daily wellness regimen. We’ll be sharing story after story of ways people are benefiting from using Essential Oils and how you, too, can replace your medicine cabinet with natural plant medicine. More details here and the link to register (a recording will be available but you must register to receive it):

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hour-glass nebHappy New Moon last Friday! Did you feel that old Moon energy leading up to the New Moon? I did, but I had a great Zero Balancing Session that got me through the old energy and the New Moon was exact at 4:10 am Eastern Daylight Time today, Friday, June 27.

How do you celebrate the New Moons? At last weekend’s Possibilities Playshop, we talked about different ways to do a ritual to invite something new into our lives at the time of the New Moon. It could be as simple as having a candle for the New Moon and a different one for the Full Moon each ‘moonth.’ When you have created your Playbook, you’ll have lots of info ready for each part of the Moon’s cycle. We had a great deal of fun at the Playshop. Hope you can join us for one in the future!

Remember that Mercury is retrograde, which means communications can get fouled up and everybody can be distracted and unfocused, until tomorrow, Tuesday, July 1 at 8:50 am Eastern Time. I have heard a lot of people referencing this this time. Is it affecting you? Hang in there for another day! And drive defensively!

Summer is officially here in Maryland and I am enjoying getting vitamin D as often as I can – naturally, from the Sun. I feel so energized after a few minutes in the Sun, and I know my mood is lifted by sunshine. I also believe that Summer is a great time for self-care. The Sun has entered the sign of Cancer (that happened at the Summer Solstice on June 21) and Cancer’s key words are, ‘I FEEL.’ Pay attention to yourself and your feelings this Summer. What personal growth work do you need to do? What healing work? How can you best take care of YOURSELF this Summer?

My guides are telling me that I need to continue to offer the Deep Healing Sessions over the Summer.These are 60-90 minute sessions where I do an energy healing for you and combine that with some guidance for you from my guides and yours. These can be done in person in Severna Park, Maryland or at a distance. If you are ready to take a quantum leap in your growth, in any area – physical, emotional, block-clearing, relationship, business/career, money, spiritual – then this Session is perfect for you. Send me a personal email so that we can explore if this is the right thing for you today.

Enjoy the Sunshine and the Summer! And to my Australian friends, stay warm! (Welcome to the US to the friends who are making the move to enjoy 2 Summers this year!)