BOOK LIGHTS: from “The Sphere of Light: The Element Orbs” by Cody Kilgore and Carl Tucker

David and Bobby [the helpful elf] set off to find the Darkness Orb in the Castle of Doom to the south. So they traveled to it in ten hours. When they got there, they saw King Triton, the dragon, Thor, the Cyclops, and the Wind God back to seek their revenge [for taking the Orbs from each of them]. David charged in the middle of them with the water sword and stabbed the dragon. The dragon disappeared. Then David sent out a tsunami and defeated all the enemies.    David ran into the castle with all the orbs except one in his hand. He saw the Black Knight. David tried to beat him with his water sword, but it seemed to have no effect. The Knight pinned David down, took the orbs, and put him into the dungeon. In the cell, David saw a light sphere. David finally knew what could defeat the Black Knight. He knew what the sphere was called – the Light Orb. He used the light to bring the key to him. He unlocked the door to the cell.    He charged up the stairs and said, ‘Black Knight, bring it on!’    The Black Knight came out of nowhere and said, ‘No, not the Light Orb! I forgot I had left it in the dungeon!’ And he started to fade fainter and fainter until he was nothing but a speck.    David looked all over the castle for the orbs. He only had 20 minutes ‘til nightfall to find the orbs. He finally found them in the window sill. He raced out of the castle.    Once he got out, the orbs started to rise in a circle. They started to form a portal for him to go back to the real world.

Cody Kilgore and Carl Tucker

This is an unusual Book Lights quote. It’s from a wonderful story that our grandson, Cody, wrote with his friend, Carl, six years ago. The story is about a boy, David, who moves through a portal into a different reality where he must find the Element Orbs. This quote is from the final chapter, whose title is ‘Darkness vs. Light.’    Cody is now 13 so this was written by a young boy who ‘gets it.’ What is the Black Knight in your life? Remember, all you must do is shine the Light Orb onto it to reduce it to a speck! Do you need a ‘David’ to guide you to the Light Orb? Find one so that you can ‘go back to the real world.’ Shine the Light on your illusions and you will find reality! And the little children shall guide us!


MUSE-INGS: Where’s your ‘Lens of Learning’?

Life can certainly leave us myopic when we focus only on our self and what we want. We can forget that we are living in the Earth School so that we can spend this time on the Planet to facilitate our Soul’s growth. Maybe we each need to wear a magnifying glass necklace (I happen to own one!) to remind us of our possibilities for learning in every situation.

When people work with me in the intensity of A Day With Your Muse, a full day session wherein we work through a process to bring clarity to their vision and a plan for implementing that vision, we often spend a lot of time working through family of origin issues or internal blocks that they might not have realized were holding them back. So, even though they think they are focused on their business or their future, it is the personal growth work that allows them to experience the quantum leap forward in their desired success.

What are you not learning today? What can you not see clearly because you think that ‘personal growth work’ means setting aside time to meditate or journal or have counseling/coaching sessions? Maybe the learnings are present all the time and all you have to do is notice them.

Remember, we human beings are learning machines. Watch a baby. Every moment she is learning something new. Every step a toddler takes is feeding information to her about what walking is all about, and sometimes what it is NOT about!

If you think that you do not have time and/or energy to devote to working on personal growth at this time in your life, then think again. Look at every item on your to-do list as a task under the category of ‘Personal Growth Work’ and the actual task you are accomplishing as the classroom in which you are doing the learning. The energy is already expended. The focus can be two-fold: get the task done AND learn something for your personal growth.

Maybe our brains aren’t really that great at multi-tasking, but we are certainly good at creating meaning in our efforts and experiences. We learn what works and what doesn’t work. We try something. We interact with others and create ways to be successful in those interactions.

And we can learn something about ourselves, about how the world works, about what our roles are, and about how we can continue to grow through every experience in our daily lives.

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MYSTIC MESSAGE: from The Divine Feminine: Where’s the Energy for Personal Growth?

Dear Ones,

The most important task to which you can devote your energy is the project of personal growth. It does not matter which business you are in, what your relationship status is, how old you are or where you live. The energies of these times require that you be about the work of examining your inner self and your inner life.

Do you have the energy to do this important work? Or is all of your energy being drained by day-to-day tasks and leaving you exhausted at the end of the day? Are you devoting energy to non-essential tasks as a way of avoiding doing the personal growth work that you are ready to do?

We wish you to know that EVERYTHING else that you are doing falls into the category of ‘non-essential tasks’ when compared to your personal growth work. Your work tasks. Your household tasks. Your family responsibilities. All of these are non-essential when compared to the work you are to be about to grow yourself and to learn your Soul lessons.

This is not to say that there are not important tasks to do in those other areas, but even as you go about your work you are to be looking for the lesson to be learned while you are doing it. Are you dealing with personal relationship issues? Instead of looking at those issues as isolated from your personal growth work, start examining them for their contribution to your growth – learn the lesson. Instead of waiting until the household chores are done, look for what is to be learned while doing them. For example, are you doing chores that someone else in the family might take over as they learn to share responsibilities? Are you escaping something by committing your time to the chores rather than to something else that might be more enriching?

Likewise, when you are doing your work, are you working on how you can grow at work rather than how you can get through the day so you can relax?

Remember that every situation in which you find yourself is a learning opportunity for you. Every situation at work holds some treasure for you to experience and from which you can grow. Every relationship is a crucible in which your personal growth is developing. Create for yourself the ‘Lens of Learning’ so that you are constantly reminding yourself to look for the lesson, no matter what task you are engaged in and no matter what is happening around you. There is always something to learn.

Bless the other people around you for bringing those lessons to you within the context of your interactions. You can do your personal growth work within the timeframe of the other activities on your schedule. There is no burden to this work – it is the purpose of living a lifetime on Planet Earth!

And so we would ask you to look to your current situation and schedule to find the energy to do the personal growth work that is yours to do. Of course, you must sometimes find time to go inside in the quiet times to reach those places that need to be examined, to find the ‘stretch points’ that take you in quantum leaps in your growth. For this work you might engage a guide to assist you and to hold the Light on the work you are doing. But you can take your current calendar and find the perfect opportunities for personal growth by simply employing your ‘Lens of Learning’ as you look at the tasks on your to-do list.

Use every opportunity presented to you as an opportunity for growth!

And so it is.

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I look through the lens from that side when we record the video, but this week’s ezine invites you to find your own ‘Lens of Learning’ so that you can find the lessons in all that you do. Whatever is coming up for you to learn will be presented to you but sometimes it takes a magnifying glass to cut through the illusions and to find the real lesson. Try using that focus this week.

We had a spectacular New Moon/Solar Eclipse last weekend and are still in the energy of that growing/waxing Moon this week so, as you learn your lessons, focus on bringing in new information to guide you in shifting to a new consciousness. Let this be the week that your eyes are opened to a new way of thinking about something. THAT’S personal growth!

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BOOK LIGHTS: from “The Healing of America” by Marianne Williamson

Our ultimate ground of being – what the Chinese call the Tao – is the mystical oneness out of which all worldly manifestation flows. To see how the greater oneness is in constant process of giving birth to two – that yin and yang might then come together again and give birth to another one – is to hold the key to greater understanding of anything in the world.

Marianne Williamson


When we understand that we are all a part of the oneness, then we start to comprehend how we can be individuals and part of the whole at the same time. It is not either/or. It is always ‘and.’ Think of yourself as You, the Individual, AND You, the Member of the Community. Thus, the greater good of the Community can also be the greater good of You!

MUSE-INGS: Who is Your Tribe?

The Mystic Messages have had a lot to say about ‘community’ this year. I’m guessing because we human beings need to be hit over the head sometimes before we get the message we need to hear.

This community of Colorado Springs decided to choose to have half the street lights turned off rather than to raise property taxes a penny to keep them on. The city made national news for that decision. Then our neighbor’s daughter hit a deer in the road because it was a stretch with no street lights and she couldn’t see the deer until it was too late. This poor high school student was very disturbed by the incident.

Fortunately, she was not hurt but the damage could have been much greater. Was that worth keeping a penny per some unit of assessed value? When does the good of the community become more important than the penny?

Why do you suppose that we’re being told so much about ‘community’? Why do you think it’s coming up again and again for us to look at? What happens inside you when you think of the word ‘community’?

For some, the word evokes a strong sense of belonging, of being a part of a tribe joined for the common good. For others, it brings up a fear based on an experience of suffering at the hands of a community that abused or ignored or in some other way was not a good fit for the person. Others think of community as being a group who want to take something away from them that is ‘mine’ – picture here a 2-year-old saying that word with all the ownership a tot can express!

What does ‘community’ mean to you? And can we define/redefine it so that it moves us forward in the evolution of consciousness?

I think it’s important for us to grasp the concept of our being social animals, that we live in community with others whether we like it or not. Unless you are a hermit living in a cave at the top of a mountain somewhere (and I suspect that if you are reading these words, you are not that!) then you live in a community of individuals – your neighborhood, your social tribe, your work colleagues, your family. How do you relate to the others around you?

More importantly, have you found your tribe of like-minded folk with whom you can let your hair down and be your authentic self? Are you a member of a community where people share values and ideals and are exploring how they can live a richer life while helping others to do the same? Do you know how to find that tribe for yourself?

There are intentional communities springing up in many places, including online. Many times there are serendipitous connections being made that lead to the forming of a community. Sometimes it takes intention on the part of one or some individuals to make it happen. And maybe, just maybe, you are the epicenter and it is time for you to gather around you the folks with whom you can relate.

Each individual is a part of multiple communities and the good of the community rests on the shoulders of the individuals who make up that community. If you think that your desires should trump the needs of the communal good then you really need to examine your responsibilities to that community. We human beings need to look beyond ourselves to make contributions that acknowledge our connectedness, not our separation.

Do the inner work to examine your life in this context. What communities are you a part of and what is your role? What communities do you want to become a part of and what is your opportunity to create that connection?

Who is your tribe?

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