MUSE-INGS: Where’s your ‘Lens of Learning’?

Life can certainly leave us myopic when we focus only on our self and what we want. We can forget that we are living in the Earth School so that we can spend this time on the Planet to facilitate our Soul’s growth. Maybe we each need to wear a magnifying glass necklace (I happen to own one!) to remind us of our possibilities for learning in every situation.

When people work with me in the intensity of A Day With Your Muse, a full day session wherein we work through a process to bring clarity to their vision and a plan for implementing that vision, we often spend a lot of time working through family of origin issues or internal blocks that they might not have realized were holding them back. So, even though they think they are focused on their business or their future, it is the personal growth work that allows them to experience the quantum leap forward in their desired success.

What are you not learning today? What can you not see clearly because you think that ‘personal growth work’ means setting aside time to meditate or journal or have counseling/coaching sessions? Maybe the learnings are present all the time and all you have to do is notice them.

Remember, we human beings are learning machines. Watch a baby. Every moment she is learning something new. Every step a toddler takes is feeding information to her about what walking is all about, and sometimes what it is NOT about!

If you think that you do not have time and/or energy to devote to working on personal growth at this time in your life, then think again. Look at every item on your to-do list as a task under the category of ‘Personal Growth Work’ and the actual task you are accomplishing as the classroom in which you are doing the learning. The energy is already expended. The focus can be two-fold: get the task done AND learn something for your personal growth.

Maybe our brains aren’t really that great at multi-tasking, but we are certainly good at creating meaning in our efforts and experiences. We learn what works and what doesn’t work. We try something. We interact with others and create ways to be successful in those interactions.

And we can learn something about ourselves, about how the world works, about what our roles are, and about how we can continue to grow through every experience in our daily lives.

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