We’re back in Maryland after a great visit to Colorado Springs and our old haunts there. It was wonderful to see our friends! I loved speaking at the eWomenNetwork chapter in the Springs, doing the Conversation with The Other Side, and joining the group for another Spiritual Exploration Group evening. We’ll be returning to the Springs as soon as our house there sells, which we hope will be soon.

It was also fun to shoot the videos for this week’s The Daily Muse at various locations around the Garden of the Gods and Pike’s Peak. I hope you’re subscribed so that you can see the beautiful scenery and receive the inspirational 1-2 minute video emails every weekday. If you haven’t subscribed yet, here’s the link: Subscribe. And if you’re enjoying them, please share this link with your friends so they can subscribe! It’s fun to ‘see’ you in the camera as I speak to you personally in each of these messages!

I look through the lens from that side when we record the video, but this week’s ezine invites you to find your own ‘Lens of Learning’ so that you can find the lessons in all that you do. Whatever is coming up for you to learn will be presented to you but sometimes it takes a magnifying glass to cut through the illusions and to find the real lesson. Try using that focus this week.

We had a spectacular New Moon/Solar Eclipse last weekend and are still in the energy of that growing/waxing Moon this week so, as you learn your lessons, focus on bringing in new information to guide you in shifting to a new consciousness. Let this be the week that your eyes are opened to a new way of thinking about something. THAT’S personal growth!

We’re offering another ONLINE Conversation with The Other Side on Sunday, June 10th. As this is being written we’re heading into Memorial Day in the US where we remember those who have served the country and have crossed over to The Other Side. June 10th was my mother-in-law’s birthday, so we might be hearing from Gertie Bredeson at this Conversation! This is a wonderful time to join a Conversation and hear a message from your loved ones, or angels and spirit guides, from The Other Side of the veil that separates us. We always have such fun and a great time of learning at these events! The recent one in Colorado Springs was awesome! Please join us and consider hosting your own event, online or in person, where you can gather some friends and you can attend at no-cost. Click Here for the information on hosting.

Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you soon!


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