BOOK LIGHTS: from “Cheiro’s Language of the Hand: The Classic of Palmistry” by Cheiro

’Know thyself,’ the motto of the ancients, is the simplest but the grandest sermon that can ring within our ears. By the knowledge of nature do we honor nature; let us then consider the study that can give such knowledge; for by the knowledge of self may we master self, and by the improvement of self may we also improve mankind – to the advancement of the race, to the honor of the world, and to the glory of those who, in the march of time, will fill life’s broken ranks, and some day take our place.


From this book, published in 1949 after the death of Cheiro [1866-1936] we see how highly he held the idea of knowing oneself. The ancients also know how important this is. And, yet, we are often too busy to spend the time it takes to work on self-knowledge, to develop the skill of examining the self. Jump on the ‘Know thyself’ bandwagon and find a way to learn more about yourself, your gifts and talents, your Soul Purpose and your Life Mission. Scientific Hand Analysis is a great way to start!


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