BOOK LIGHTS: from “The Sphere of Light: The Element Orbs” by Cody Kilgore and Carl Tucker

David and Bobby [the helpful elf] set off to find the Darkness Orb in the Castle of Doom to the south. So they traveled to it in ten hours. When they got there, they saw King Triton, the dragon, Thor, the Cyclops, and the Wind God back to seek their revenge [for taking the Orbs from each of them]. David charged in the middle of them with the water sword and stabbed the dragon. The dragon disappeared. Then David sent out a tsunami and defeated all the enemies.    David ran into the castle with all the orbs except one in his hand. He saw the Black Knight. David tried to beat him with his water sword, but it seemed to have no effect. The Knight pinned David down, took the orbs, and put him into the dungeon. In the cell, David saw a light sphere. David finally knew what could defeat the Black Knight. He knew what the sphere was called – the Light Orb. He used the light to bring the key to him. He unlocked the door to the cell.    He charged up the stairs and said, ‘Black Knight, bring it on!’    The Black Knight came out of nowhere and said, ‘No, not the Light Orb! I forgot I had left it in the dungeon!’ And he started to fade fainter and fainter until he was nothing but a speck.    David looked all over the castle for the orbs. He only had 20 minutes ‘til nightfall to find the orbs. He finally found them in the window sill. He raced out of the castle.    Once he got out, the orbs started to rise in a circle. They started to form a portal for him to go back to the real world.

Cody Kilgore and Carl Tucker

This is an unusual Book Lights quote. It’s from a wonderful story that our grandson, Cody, wrote with his friend, Carl, six years ago. The story is about a boy, David, who moves through a portal into a different reality where he must find the Element Orbs. This quote is from the final chapter, whose title is ‘Darkness vs. Light.’    Cody is now 13 so this was written by a young boy who ‘gets it.’ What is the Black Knight in your life? Remember, all you must do is shine the Light Orb onto it to reduce it to a speck! Do you need a ‘David’ to guide you to the Light Orb? Find one so that you can ‘go back to the real world.’ Shine the Light on your illusions and you will find reality! And the little children shall guide us!



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