Hello from beautiful Colorado Springs! We’re visiting and enjoying the big sky views, reconnecting with friends, and the dry weather! (I remember humidity now after being back in Maryland for awhile!)

It’s great to be back as the featured speaker for the eWomenNetwork chapter in Colorado Springs where I first discovered this wonderful organization. I have eWomenNetwork friends across North America now and encourage you to check it out in your area – and it’s not just for women as we have quite a few eMales who are members, too! (Smart men, because this is where successful, intelligent women are hanging out in your town!)

The energies of ‘moving on’ seem to be popping up everywhere so spend some time this week exploring what that looks like for you. People are saying goodbye to longtime pets, moving to new locations, changing jobs/careers/work. And many are moving on to new ways of thinking about old problems. I see this a lot in my work with clients – they are just fed up with the old ‘stuff’ and are willing to let go of those old tapes and ideas and MOVE ON! Is this you, too? If you’re ready to explore moving on then this is a good time to sign up for your no-cost Discovery Session so we can look at the road ahead for you and see what kind of map makes the most sense for you to follow. Check out the details here: Free Discovery Session

And the New Moon on Sunday, May 20th occurs with a Solar Eclipse at 7:47 pm Eastern Time in Gemini, the sign of communication and the mind. Are you ready to leap forward into something new? Do you need to get rid of those nagging old blocks before you’re free? Use this energy to stride forward! You’ll be supported in experiences and breakthroughs, especially if you are committed to doing the work to release the blocks and leap. And if you are in Colorado Springs for this New Moon I am hosting a Conversation with The Other Side; it is sure to be a special one! Click for the details.

We’ve almost completed the third year of producing the weekly Wisdom Connections Ezine. In the coming weeks you’ll be learning about a new way to connect to me and to others in aConscious Community. Keep reading for the details! I hope you are also enjoying The Daily Muse, the complimentary video email every weekday that contains a 1-2 minute inspirational message for your day! If you haven’t subscribed yet, here’s where to do that: The Daily Muse

Have a great New Moon/Solar Eclipse week!!!

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