MUSE-INGS: Dreams and Visions and Goals, Oh My!

Where do you stand in the realization of your dreams? Do you create visions and goals for yourself? Are you a New Year’s Resolution fan, but have you abandoned them by February?

There is not much in our culture that supports our desire to live our dreams. Kids are taught ‘It’s just a dream’ when they come to Mommy or Daddy after their night visions. But many indigenous cultures believe that Dreamtime is Reality and what we call reality is a collective illusion. If that is true, then we can dream a new reality into existence.

Do you take time to dream? Back when I was a programmer, in the ancient days of room sized computers, there was a designer who used to sit at his desk with nothing on it except his feet while he stared off into space. Everyone knew not to disturb Bob when he was sitting this way because he was thinking through the program he was working on, essentially dreaming it into existence. The boss would just walk by his office, not bothering to stop in but also not judging Bob as not working just because he wasn’t writing or typing. Eventually, Bob would whip out the program in record time and it was always almost perfect the first time it ran. He created it first in his mind and then he manifested it in the computer. It was a very elegant programming style!

I often find myself so ‘busy’ that I don’t take time to just dream. I have to program that time into my calendar so that I can be as creative as possible. If I am constantly focusing on fixing problems I am energizing problems. If I am always looking at the details I am missing the information available about the big picture. And, conversely, if I create the dreams but do not take any action to realize them then they are not energized and dissipate like vapor in the wind.

Have you ever done a vision board? You cut out pictures and words from magazines and glue them to posterboard, then post this in front of your desk so that you can energize what you have desired and created as a vision for your life. Many people have realized exactly what is on their vision board. My friend is doing a workshop wherein he will help people to create a digital vision board so that it can be their computer wallpaper or screensaver they can keep it in front of themselves while modifying it as circumstances warrant. There are many ways, such as, video, to create a vision for your life.

Why not try one this week for yourself? Take some time alone [you don’t want anyone else’s energy or dreams or visions to influence you] and let yourself dream your future. What would you love to see in your life in the next year? Picture yourself a year from now [or 6 months or 3 years, whatever feels right for you] looking back and describing what has come into your life. Speak to yourself in the present tense of already having this in your life. Feel the energy of having your dreams come true. Welcome with gratitude those dreams.

You don’t have to create the vision board but it’s a powerful tool. The important thing to do is to create the vision! Even if you are not a visual person, create the feeling of having that dream in your life and allow yourself to be emotionally and mentally in that place of acceptance of your dream come true.

Let’s all support each other in realizing our dreams. Next time you meet someone, instead of asking them, ‘What do you do?’ ask instead, ‘What do you dream for yourself?’ You might be surprised by the answers you receive!


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